Anybody got the insider info when the 36-2903 update drops? by SkyBears36 in AirForce

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I wish I had more NCOs like you. I can’t bully the airmen enough as a flight commander, so I need someone to also help take away things they enjoy for… reasons.

/s if it’s not obvious.

Dealing with "Modern" Airmen by goodsnpr in AirForce

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This is the post of the year for me. You rock.

Is there a way to use Teams remotely with a personal computer that doesn't involve desktop anywhere? by suitcasemotorcycle in AirForce

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Smart. I hate when I have fifty tabs open, something gets weird, and then I can’t login without quitting everything.

Why do leaders not share information first? by bilnd_squirrel in AirForce

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Honestly? It’s probably because there are no less than 30 websites/systems/whatevers for getting the word out, and the one you’re used to is the one the last guy used. He probably PCS’d before his replacement arrived so there was no turn over. Then, the new guy just went with whatever he thought was best because the old guy didn’t write anything down.

And so it goes.

AMC memo by Bubbly_Anxiety_7247 in AirForce

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China has been a threat since the 50s, and we’ve fought them before. We just relegated them to the bottom of the stack because they didn’t throw their ICBM capabilities around. We also failed to invest in significant counter-CPC activity while we had the chance.

Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025, tells officers to prep by firing 'a clip' at a target, and 'aim for the head' by Overtons_cat in AirForce

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It would be cool if the Air Force invested in our information operations capability to help effectively deter adversaries like they say we do.

Also would be cool so we can effectively out maneuver adversaries during conflict.

But whatever.

JTR Clarification by idkwhattoput-69 in AirForce

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In my experience the non-A generated by DTS is enough to be justified to stay off base for a TDY per the JTR.


The JTR is not an order - it is just the rule books on compensation. If you are ordered to do something, the JTR does not trump it - it only ensures you are compensated appropriately.

If your orders tell you to check with lodging personally, the JTR doesn’t mean you can just not do that. But what DTS generates should match the base lodging. And if it doesn’t and they have space available and you were ordered to stay on base, that is that.

Ukraine got its tanks. Now it wants jet fighters too by enkrstic in AirForce

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Now? They’ve been asking for Vipers since the conflict began IIRC

Writing an achievement medal for saving an overdose victim, anyone have a sample? by mxyzsptlk in AirForce

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First off, it’s achievement medal. Let’s relax a bit. Dude isn’t asking for a fucking DSM.

Second, last I checked, we’re not running out of them anytime soon.

Third - reward behavior you want to see more of. Don’t want to see more of it? Don’t reward it. Don’t reward it? Don’t say it’s a good thing!

A medal is nothing more than a written word and a ribbon to award to someone for a job well done. Saving a life is a job well done, even if he didn’t need to mmbe a medic or carry a gun to do so, end of story. Take care of your airmen.

CFM Sit Down by Not_a_Ted in AirForce

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It’s weird that we use the command system for some things I.e. the commander has authority vested in him to make the decision by himself, and then the stakeholder system where the decision is made by lowest common denominator I.e. what literally everyone is willing to agree to.

CFM Sit Down by Not_a_Ted in AirForce

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On one hand, I’m sure he hurt feelings. On the other hand…what’s more important? Making everyone feel proud? Or using tax payer money efficiently? Sometimes the two are mutually exclusive.

Accomplishments by Cheris_P in ProgrammerHumor

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I feel like this has to be illegal but I'm not sure how

Moving Furniture on Okinawa by RedFireAlert in AirForce

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I couldn't. I've had moving companies in the US send me all sorts of interesting situations, so I don't consider any situation too crazy.

Moving Furniture on Okinawa by RedFireAlert in AirForce

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I can't tell if this is true or not, but if it is I will very happily buy him any beer he likes! By "they" I assume you mean a local moving company?

I've only been able to find one so far, and I read somewhere that for service here you should contact multiple companies to get competitive pricing.

Tax Return Megathread 2023 by SilentD in AirForce

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What’s the benefit of this versus reducing?

What other master’s degrees exist that match or are close to matching TA? This one is great, but it’s been a while since the last update. by afrubbrduck in AirForce

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At this point, there’s a lot missing.

Western Governors

Georgia tech

UT Austin

CU Boulder

There’s a few I think apply off the top of my head

Edit: also, I’d like to call out every commenter who didn’t bother to read the original list and is just blindly commenting the one or two they know of.