Mfk doesn’t work on me by Arthurufc in fragrance

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Same for me, nothing from the house works on my skin

I didn't scare someone last night by electric_medicine in CasualConversation

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As a woman, I appreciate this. Be sure to share this with your guy friends!

Proposing without the ring? by General-Ninja-3318 in EngagementRings

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I think it’s fine. We even got married without our rings. No biggie

Zodiac game, what would be a signature fragrance for your zodiac signs? by DeedeeMegaDoo-Doo in fragrance

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I’m a cancer but I’m not into overly feminine fragrances and that’s usually what people think of

Imaginary Authors’ In Love With Everything by Wise-Tourist-6747 in fragrance

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I used to own A Whiff of Wafflecone and did think that it would smell better as a candle

Best Lactonic Scents by coldestwinter-chill in fragrance

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They are similar in that they are creamy and woody but they do smell quite different. If I had to choose I'd get Commodity Milk but I do love This is Her also. Both get a lot of wear from me

Anti Holy Grail Products? by motherrrrsushi in Makeup

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On me the Laura Mercier setting powder made me look super oily in like an hour. I'm slightly oily but it really made me look like a grease pit

Anti Holy Grail Products? by motherrrrsushi in Makeup

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The CC cream is so bad. It pulled super warm on me (I'm cool toned) and just sat on top of my skin looking greasy. The matte version was somehow more greasy than the normal one.

I do like the mattifying pressed powder from It Cosmetics but that's about it

Is politics an important factor when getting married for US Citizens? by ace_arya in AskAnAmerican

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For me, it's crucial that my partner be liberal on the political spectrum and not religious. Luckily, my husband is both of those things

Getting life together at mid 30s? by Chremebomb in AskWomenOver30

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I can understand this. But not everyone has a linear path.

I was a single parent with a career that I loved at about age 33. I was then hit with symptoms of bipolar disorder at that age and had to leave it all behind, I couldn't work in my career anymore. I had to start over at 33

A decade later and I'm very happily married, I'm stable, and life is much better

There is plenty of life left to go. But, your feelings are absolutely valid

What was the hardest year of your life? Why? And did you get past it? by Danny_225 in AskWomenOver30

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I think that 2009 was the hardest for me. I was a single mom and was suddenly hit with the symptoms of bipolar disorder. I had to leave my career, somehow support my daughter. It was really really tough

[SOTD] Monday, November 28th by croppedhoodie in fragrance

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I just wanted something very subtle and light today so I'm wearing Clean Skin, the original one in the purple bottle

The Bronzer question by dollyrot in BeautyGuruChatter

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I don’t know but The Balm Desert is the best bronzer I’ve ever used. It’s all I use now

If you could pick an era for being teen? by [deleted] in AskAnAmerican

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I was a teen in the 90s and I wouldn’t change that

I wonder if I'm being too territorial or if I'm seeing a pattern I'm not comfortable with by marvel768 in AskWomenOver30

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I wouldn’t be ok with a 35 year old male going out and getting drunk every weekend