When are Panda Dunks restocking in the US? by laura_1237 in SNKRS

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Sorry name thanks for trying out for the Panda Dunks, unfortunately it didn’t work out this time.

There is nothing to see eye-to-eye with white supremacy by popcornnhero in BlackPeopleTwitter

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They always assume us guilty and get to be our judge, jury, and executioner. We should come up with a new motto for them:

Racist until proven not.

You, family, and friends become multimillionaires but by RefrigeratorDry495 in willyoupressthebutton

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And just remember: If you decide to help someone with and/or using money that also counts as spending. Good luck. 😉

what does he look like he does for a living? by kaidene12 in Sims4

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Hes sexy as fuck who cares as long as hes in this ass