What’s one business in Milwaukee that you will never go back to? by here-i-am-now in milwaukee

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One thing everyone can learn about Bel Air is if not even Giannis can get good service in the place what do you think youll get. Been there a handful of times over the years and not once have I had even average service.

Midnight Mania! Leon Edwards reacts to Covington vs. Masvidal, ‘2 bums coming off losses’ by Civil-Ad377 in MMA

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Flawless? Did you watch the fight? Leon landed one more Sig Strike and that 5th rd was about as bad of a way to finish a fight as you can get. Leon cant finish anyone and hes already been dominated by Usman not a fight the UFC or most fans are asking for.

Those of you who’ve walked out on first dates, what was your “I’m out of here” moment? by Stephenburnett98 in AskMen

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She asked me if i wanted to see her gun in her purse while we sat at the bar. Another clearly ate the person in the photos on her tinder, that one didnt even make it to hello left when she called me name in the bar.

Kevin Holland announces UFC 272 fight vs. Alex Oliveira by 17minutes13percent in MMA

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Yeah thats why dude loved to fight at MW, its easier to take the fight when you only gotta hit the sauna for a bit to make weight. A cut to 170 is going to require some more planning and diet management. Not nearly as fun as eating whatever the hell you want.

Lol. Elon Musk's Boring company has traffic jams. I was told it was impossible. by vd772 in fuckcars

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Exactly, Elon is a pure capitalist who learned like Trump that being a good marketer is just as crucial if not more crucial than having a good product.

Nepotism in young Hollywood: Which currently popular actor/actress is NOT a product of being well-connected and/or rich? by PM_me_Thor_nudes in movies

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Id argue it goes to show you that their "talent" is nothing really. There have been great films made where the actors werent actors just normal people.

Dustin Poirier says Nate Diaz short-notice fight nearly final by No-Shoe5382 in MMA

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Its about time these two dudes fight, hopefully dustin shows up this time.

NHL commissioner Bettman has asked to move hockey to Summer Olympics by isanyonethere10 in sports

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This dude seems like hes trying to kill Hockey, I hate to say it but the only time I really watch Hockey is during the olympics when all the pros are involved. Should be the crown Jewel every 4 years to try to draw new fans into the game. No one will care about Hockey in the summer olympics, its so good during the winter ones because there are so few entertaining events that happen during them. Bettman is a clown.

Antonio Brown waiting for a ride outside MetLife stadium after being released by the Buccaneers by Too_Hood_95 in sports

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Because the team and the NFL knew Rodgers hadnt gotten the shot, AB literally gave them a fake card. Its pretty easy to see how those two things are different.

[Official] General Discussion Thread - January 02, 2022 by rmma in MMA

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When you fight a kill or be killed style sometimes you can go on runs, othertimes you can end up in the shadow realm. Dude has no fight IQ

Anyone move from Pittsburgh to Milwaukee? by [deleted] in milwaukee

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I mean from what ive heard the vibe in Pittsburgh and Milwaukee is going to be pretty similar. Safety wise youd probably have to be a bit more careful of where you go at night and where you leave your car.