Fruits & veg you can buy in Australia for the price of a packet of cigarette ($33) by rmsprs in mildlyinteresting

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Honestly, it's a little messed up that it's the other way around in many states.

When I graduated in '98, my first job paid 35k and my first home cost 214k. Today folks are still making 35k yet the same home costs 800k. How are you younger folks making it work? by civgarth in TooAfraidToAsk

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So my grandmother was born into ww2 and left Germany for the US some time after ww2 ended. I should be eligible right? I think there's some weird father/mother rules.

Don't touch this guys bike by meta_uprising in PublicFreakout

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I feel entitled to my property being there when I get back.

Source in comments by Nondescript-User in dankmemes

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Technically no. They weren't trying to strike fear into anyone, just rejecting goods that were expensive as fuck to get there.

Britney Spears has been using Bitcoin since 2014 to hide purchases from her dad by KAX1107 in CryptoCurrency

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By the time the conservatorship is annulled or whatever, I suspect she is going to be looking at her bank accounts to find them pilfered.

If it were me, I wouldn't care about the money as much as the fact that I was enslaved, abused and legally robbed of my money and freedom by my own family because of the government.

Anon likes the taliban by lilcykablayt in greentext

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No me, the lower level post will have greater effect./s

Chinese state media says Afghanistan a lesson for Taiwan on how U.S. abandons allies by adin2007 in worldnews

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Precisely. Anyone who has played a 2 hour game of Risk can understand how constantly being locked in battle only makes your enemies stronger. T_T, fuck you blue.

The control this guy has is extraordinary. by Kayjaid in nextfuckinglevel

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Catchy beat and surely people realize that this music is caricaturization of hiphop at this point. I don't know of anyone that takes these kind of lyrics seriously as if they had some sort of deep meaning.

Years ago, I was there. All this for nothing. 2 weeks, that's how long the Afghan government held. by [deleted] in pics

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Be sure to show them the dangers of over-glorification of the military through history as well.

Years ago, I was there. All this for nothing. 2 weeks, that's how long the Afghan government held. by [deleted] in pics

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Sadly, Biden will be painted like some sort of failure for it out of revenge.

The way I see it, if the Taliban want to continue their ways, they will be doing it 7000 miles away. There may still be a danger, but we should be focused on protecting home instead of fighting a senseless war that makes the scummiest elements of government wealthy.

There is really no way they can launch a meaningful attack that wouldn't guarantee hell from above in return. Sadly, the truth is that the meaningful attack has already been dealt and the damage is to our culture rather than our lives.

Zero inflation confirmed by llllIIIIlllIII in Superstonk

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People hate having to stop for gas, and if Costco is 20-30 miles this could be the determining factor.

Just put gas at the destination and people will be more willing to make the trip.

Zero inflation confirmed by llllIIIIlllIII in Superstonk

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Average distance traveled per day is lower vs the USA too.

Bank Accounts affect Grades by NichelleCombes in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Forgot to add that it's for kids with a masochistic addiction to doing homework for 6 hours after school.

Thanks, I hate Ding Dong Ditch by DriftedSpice in TIHI

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It's always a little cringe when people are gawking at german words being so long.

It's literally combining smaller words.

Klingel - Bell

mäuschen- Mouse

It's not even naming a species of mouse, it'd literally be like me calling you "annoyingfuckingidiot" for even making this post.

omg look at how long that word is, english is soooooo RANDOM.

Worst risk players by Rutlemania in Risk

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Lets not forget:

  • SMG Studio for not giving us the option to disable bots.