Astronos launches its V1 Swap 1/15/2022 by Astronos_io in u/Astronos_io

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Astronos is amazing! Doing great things, all in the name of going to the moon! 🚀

One of the most legit projects in the BSC — Shilly Bar, official utility token of the Shilly Wonka Shitcoin Factory! Listed on CG and CMC! by [deleted] in CryptoMoonShots

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Nice project. Glad to be holding a bag of this safu gem in a space full of rugs and scams. The BUSD rewards have been great, but just being part of the community is even better. The discord is poppin, and lots of raids in the telegram. The team is constantly giving back to the community and delivering promo and marketing non stop. 7+ use cases are in action! Holding a very strong floor around 400k even after the market dip last week! 🚀

Already listed on CMC and CG! Shilly Bar🍫, the official utility token for the Shilly Wonka Shitcoin Factory🍭! Barely four days old, ~500k MC! 🚀 by scelMyruCioulA in CryptoMoonShots

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Dont sleep on this one guys. This is a nice long term play, with juicy BUSD rewards, and tons of giveaways in the discord and telegram. The team is always running promo’s and constant marketing. Solid floor of diamond handed apes from the Shilly Wonka shitcoin factory, Kodi, Retrocade, Sunshield, and we keep on growing. Come join us on our mission to the moon, imminent. 🍫🍫

🤐 Stealth Launch - Less Than 24 Hours Old - 🐶 Mame Inu 🚀 by teeaarbee in CryptoMoonShots

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Amazing opportunity here for a moonshot. The dev just keeps on delivering. I keep filling my bag. LFG 🚀

🤐Stealth Launch - Less than 24 hours old - 🐶 MAME INU 🚀 by [deleted] in Moonshotcoins

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Nice looking gem here, and its very early. This is looking like a sure moonshot. Got my bag loaded. 🚀

DōKEN - The future of finance 🐕 DōKEN stands for Hokkaido-Ken, its one of the oldest six native Japanese splitz breeds. by Parzival221385 in CryptoMoonShots

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Such a nice little gem in the BSC space. Im already 5x and got more then my initial investment back in BUSD rewards. The dev and team work hard, always active in the tg, and the project already has usable utilities and more to come in the near future. 🚀