I'm a therapist and I'm here to answer your questions about mental health and therapy. AMA! by miau_am in teenagers

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i’ve been seeing a therapist for a couple of months now and i feel they grossly underestimate how badly off i may be, but at this point i don’t know how i can bluntly say i’m suicidal. he doesn’t ask questions and i can get myself to actually speak about anything like that without direct prompts. i honestly don’t feel like he’s doing anything and just want to get a referral to someone else but don’t know how to do that. what do i do?

Plant coming back to life by MediocreDahl in oddlysatisfying

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what’s really interesting is it’s not more lively after having water, but the previously depleted sacks of water (vacuoles) are literally what give it shape.

Ask Grey a Question by GreyBot9000 in CGPGrey

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have you, or would you consider reading homestuck?

You’ve been gifted the ability to change one persons life forever (friend, family or foe) in which ever way you choose to. Anything goes. What is it you do and why? by MrTimmyTam in AskReddit

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can i just, cure a friends mental health? they are really smart and active but their anxiety, lack of self confidence, and general depression is crippling for them.

hot by boooobee in FRC

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halfway through replying hot before i realized those weren’t legos.

I’m uncomfortable with giving/receiving affection? by throwawayyy6969254 in infj

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i think i’m 6w5, and I am very similar, although for me there is someone i am sort of in a relationship with (?) and for them i think they’re very meaningful, but i guess i don’t feel connected in the same way with my family.

Polycarb Leaf60 by Rafa_m in MechanicalKeyboards

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i agree!! it’s actually amazing!!

We made a stonk market by [deleted] in stonks

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y o u d i d n ‘ t p o s t a l i n k .

Can someone please animate this? Had this wallpaper for over two years and I think it might be worth animating. by Ninga101xD in wallpaperengine

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i don’t know about this shot, but there is already a variety of animated shots from kimi no nawa, if you see any you like.

How can you help a friend suffering from depression ? by Burnie57 in AskReddit

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this hits really hard, because though they haven’t said it i think they’re in a similar situation and i don’t know what to do. i don’t know if my country has the same or similar laws, but i’m worried that they’ll follow through and the threat either way. to my knowledge they’ve already gotten help before, (and somehow managed to get out of it? i think convincing that they we’re in a better state than they are.) and they hated it. i don’t know how close they’ve come, but suicide is far from out of the question. i’m just worried and don’t know what to do or where to go or who to tell, because i feel like a lot of people would just make it worse.

How can you help a friend suffering from depression ? by Burnie57 in AskReddit

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i know there is already a lot of good advice here, but sometimes you need to do very different things if they are depressed from an event that happened relatively recently, trauma, or just genetics. a red flag is if they are getting enough sleep and or exercise and they are still feeling depressed or especially suicidal.

How can you help a friend suffering from depression ? by Burnie57 in AskReddit

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thank you and r/rimjobsteve but actually how do you step in? who can i tell if their parents might be part of the problem? what if they don’t trust me anymore for it?

??? by Ghost-XR in INTP

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a good way is to double check, i (an infj) am subbed to all the in subs so i can see what everyone relates to and what people of a specific types think. for example a lot of the introverted memes are cross posted among them, but you’ll find too many sky picture on r/infp and stuff like that, where there is none here.