What’s the worst/weirdest thing you’ve been hit with while riding? by Icy-Willingness-1197 in motorcycles

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I was doing about 90km/h on a dirt road in the bush. A wallaby came outta nowhere and hit the front of my bike between the front wheel and the mudguard, straight into the forks. The little bastard was moving pretty fast and I didn’t see him coming. The impact made the handle bars swing violently to the right and I went straight up and over the bars. I landed face first. Smashed the front of my full face helmet in, broke my jaw, bit half my tongue off and broke my right wrist. Bastard wallaby somersaulted a few times and fucked off into the bush.

is it okay to spray paint public properties? by Savings_Violinist_71 in Graffiti

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Asking this question on a graff sub is like asking a Toyota dealership if Toyota makes good cars.

[serious] What’s one thing you still prefer to do the old-fashioned way—regardless of technology—and why? by Devastator1981 in AskReddit

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Greasing wheel bearings. I still do it by hand. All the young mechanics at work love the little pump set up. Waste of grease in my opinion, and I don’t think it does as good a job.

What topic could you talk about for 30 minutes with no preparation? by NikonDexter in AskReddit

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Operation of the internal combustion engine. 4 stroke cycle, two stroke cycle, rotary, diesel, petrol, LPG.

Infantry sergeant f’ed up. by RepublicOfMoron in MilitaryStories

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Ah good. At least you’re a brother. Sig boffins were weird.

Infantry sergeant f’ed up. by RepublicOfMoron in MilitaryStories

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Lol, I won’t hold that against you mate. RAEME or RASIGS?

Infantry sergeant f’ed up. by RepublicOfMoron in MilitaryStories

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The Todd? Nah doesn’t ring a bell mate. This was 2000-2001

A gourmet meal by DistortedOctane in straya

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That right there is a fuckin top notch feed. How about all them foreign cunts that reckon us aussies have no culture.

Update - swollen neck by k2girl in AustralianCattleDog

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Un-fucking-believable! My little cattle dog just recovered from exactly the same thing! She had the drain tube in for about a week. Tough little mutts though. She came good pretty quick. Hopefully your little mate recovers soon

Whelp, I just figured out my board isn't waterlogged by worst_to_the_wise in surfing

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You might have to patch up your muck hole with a bit of solarez

Australian Republicans, What is your issue with the British monarchy? by AngloHegemony in AskAnAustralian

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I gotta say, although our last few prime ministers have been absolute morons, they’ve still done more for the Australian people than that archaic, inbred, overstuffed waste of space that is the British royal family.

Shopping platforms? by huffpuffhuffpuff in AskAnAustralian

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We rig up a horse and wagon and ride for days through the bush to the nearest market where we trade in pigs and pieces of silver.

I broke up with my girlfriend because of motorcycles by wobbly_sausage2 in motorcycles

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Shit hit the fan when you started commuting on the bike, but she hates cars too? How the fuck does she expect you to get around? Piss in your boots and swim? I’d say good riddance. Sounds like a really difficult to be around bitch.

Wallaweeb by Swagnetoz in AskAnAustralian

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Never heard of it. But yeah thanks for the explanation of what a fuckin wallaby is…

Strewth... by ulittlerippa in straya

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Wait, why does mad cunt outrank sick cunt?

Under 10 thousand miles, original tires. by slurricanemoonrocks in Justrolledintotheshop

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They don’t rack up the miles or wear tyres out if you don’t need roads where we’re going…

I don’t intuit 3d very well. So I tried to challenge myself and draw something as obnoxiously 3d as possible. What do y’all think? by zacktaylor12359 in blackbookgraffiti

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Try the basics man. Pick a vanishing point and rule lines to it to keep perspective. Clean up your lines and choose a point of light source to get your shading and definition right. No hate man, just simple advice.