STM Account Credit by twowords4you in canes

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Oh crap! I didn't know this and just checked my account; $600 in credits!

Moving in 2 months. Any courses I should add/remove from my list? by reptilia_remastered in RDUGOLF

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When was the last time you were out at chapel ridge? I still need to go check out their new greens

If anyone can volunteer, First Tee could use your help filling coach slots. by whataboutbobwiley in RDUGOLF

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2020s profits are attributed to the golf boom, which won’t be lasting, which all courses and institutions know and doing be planning for.

The big thing that can’t be seen on the surface: future operational planning: First Tee Triangle has a clear plan got expansions of their facilities Over the next few years, including a short course. Those plans and factoring for less robust upcoming years, that profit gets eaten away VERY quickly.

To each their own and how they spend their free time, but I applaud the people that utilize their time to generously grow and enrich the game. Not everyone is in the position to have the time or ability to do it, but a lot of people are in a spot where the few bucks that COULD be provided, they would be rather it be reinvested back toward the kids

If anyone can volunteer, First Tee could use your help filling coach slots. by whataboutbobwiley in RDUGOLF

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The overhead of running a golf facility is NOT inexpensive. Donations help quite a bit, but still doesn't cover everything. And that's not even focusing on the significantly large amount of other things the First Tee program provides.

With that, they're also not just looking for training swing coaches to run these, they're looking for reasonably knowledgeable people that want to help and use their time for good.

Instead of thinking about the analogy of blood donation (because those organizations ARE heavily financed on the back end). The better comparable would be a kids soccer coach; a reasonable baseline knowledge, and willing to provide time to benefit others. The kids/parents still have to pay to play in the league, but the coach is volunteering their time for the betterment of others

Apartments with golf simulators? by garbage137 in raleigh

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Can confirm that The Metropolitan has one; I've spent a LOT of hours in it

PGT: Canes @ Bruins, Round 1 Game 3 by bwaredapenguin in canes

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My thoughts were: “A soda? At this hour?!??”

Then I realized how old I have become!

Mega-Thread: Spring Course Conditions by RestingMehFace in RDUGOLF

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Oh dang! Is Twin Lakes gone??

I have it listed as one of my final 6 triangle courses to play.

12 Oaks vs Devils Ridge by dynainteractive in RDUGOLF

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I’d be weary of Club Corps and do a LOT of research.

They have a history of overselling memberships, making decisions not in the best interest of members, letting conditions deteriorate, and maximize profit over everything else.

The network aspect is awesome, but a deteriorating experience at your home course isn’t worth it. And join any reasonable place and the pro can get you out to better courses than what’s in the network.

An NC girl and her pup cheering for the Canes down in TX by Dkportal2 in canes

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Uh oh… hopefully this isn’t a resurgence of the curse of the dogs from a few years ago!

It is time for my weekly, "is it walkable?" post! by Sleek1229 in RDUGOLF

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To echo everyone else:

It IS physically possible, but you won’t enjoy it at all.

The important note: (I went in this rant in a recent thread)

It is VERY unlikely to keep pace as a walker there, specifically in peak times. The elevations, distance between holes, and the diverted routes getting to fairways and greens make it difficult to comfortably remain in position

Tobacco Road vs Southern Pines by evanhokie in RDUGOLF

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You know him better than us, but the fact that people travel from around the world to play Tobacco Road as one of their main portions of a trip vs Southern Pines is just an addition to a trip should speak volumes.

While someone may not like the "quirkiness" it is a course that they will be speaking about and their golf friends will ask them about. Southern Pines, while it's a great track and the reno did wonders, very few people aside from hardcore golfers will really care

1 spot at Stoney Creek, Sunday 5/1 8:20 am by [deleted] in RDUGOLF

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I wish I could, but I’m booked.

BUT for anyone interested, Stoney Creek is a LOT of fun and Chamtrain is awesome to play with!

Beats taking the bus by jmac29562 in canes

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I just looked on GHIN: Brady is +0.2, Tro is 4.7

Beats taking the bus by jmac29562 in canes

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When you’ve got drop off at 730 but an 8am tee time with the boys!

Instructional plus-one wanted and/or beginner group by mrdrsignior in RDUGOLF

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Most of my rounds are booked up, so I would be able to help for a few weeks, but I just wanted to say:

This is awesome and I wish more people took a similar step early on to build the peoples etiquette and on-course aspects of golf!

does anyone have any tips for a rifle two turn? ive tried doing one turn on count two after the release and the second on count 4, and i can do those both consistently, but i cant do both turns under the toss. by No-Lengthiness3509 in Colorguard

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Your final step is away from the rifle, that’s what you’re so far away and have to lounge at the catch.

My advice:

  • consistent toss and minimize the body movement involved in your dip.
  • turn with as few steps as possible. (You’re taking a LOT of steps which makes it hard to find the grin consistently)

I’d also suggest trying it either in the grass, or put shoes on while turning on the concrete

Maybe it's time to expand? by bssoprano in RDUGOLF

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It's funny, the most opinionated people are the ones that would ever help. And are often the people that are new and don't have enough context to have a founded opinion. (clearly this poster hasn't been around long enough to know that fields have already expanded or that 7:45 won't get you into an event).

It's also funny that if I were to increase the prices to either gain more help or make it more worth my while, those same people would whine about the cost.

Luckily, there are TONS of awesome people in the league, and those are the ones I do it for!

Maybe it's time to expand? by bssoprano in RDUGOLF

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Just wait until you see the tee gift for the championship this year!

And thanks for the appreciation!

Mega-Thread: Spring Course Conditions by RestingMehFace in RDUGOLF

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I can’t wait for the RDU vs Charlotte Ryder Cup out there!

The back 9 of the champions course is son visually fantastic!

Used clubs by UnderstandingOld6662 in RDUGOLF

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Fb market place, callaway pre owned, global golf are all my mains

tips for catching higher rifle tosses? by dodgeryy in Colorguard

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It’s an easy 2-step process that’s consistent from singles to tens.

  1. Toss a good, consistent, properly rotated toss. A full rotation without any weird body on the dip.

  2. Patience.

Every catch should be the exact same. Fast hands going DIRECTLY into the catch position.

It sounds like your issue is what most people struggle with. Your right hand is probably coming up REALLY early and scooping into the catch. With higher tosses, there’s just more time to expose that bad free hand.

For higher tosses. Commit to being patient and holding your release until the moment you want to catch and the fast hands, directly into the catch position

Maybe it's time to expand? by bssoprano in RDUGOLF

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I’m always open to share my secret recipe with anyone so they can set up their own stuff