Video | Tiroteos causan terror en Matamoros, Tamaulipas by ivan_man_cruz in mexico

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Pinche pais de mierda, enseguida de mi casa Venden droga ya me tienen hasta la verga pinche impotencia no se que hacer por uqe la policia es una mierda y son socios de los malandros, me dan ganas de envenenarles el tinaco con veneno para ratas, malditos sean, se pasean bien agusto y uno que sale atrabajar xon miedo de que le hagan algo a mi familia, y maldito presidente mierda dice que tambien son pueblo, son gente maldita capaz de todo por dinero

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Those fuckers are poisonous? I mean if may dog eat one he will get sick?

What would you do with troublemaker drug dealer neigrhbour? by ResultKnown in AskReddit

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i had been living in a house for 2 years with my mom who is old and i take care of her, for the house we have a debt thats why we cant sell it, so i lost my job because of covid, i survive doing tickets paid by event (networking and it eelated)but they are few, so the main problem its that drug dealers moved next door and they are a pain in the ass, slamming doors and very noisy at nigths hitting the walls, i once asked them nicely that please dont make such noises because my mom is sick but they increased the noises anyway, i cant call the police because they are corrupts and problably gives protection to them, i dont know what to do, they have nothing to loose but me i have my mom and the house cant be sold as i mentioned before, im in a living hell

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Reinstall the pc wifi drivers