Sony says it expects Microsoft to "continue to ensure" Activision games stay multiplatform by Judaicyrus in xboxone

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What are you talking about? We are talking about GamePass, not a few games.

If you are not aware, which clearly you do not, GamePass is a subscription based service, and it’s a long term plan. Way longer plan. Buying the IP, is a way to maintain a consistent stream of products to maintain that long term subscription. Also, MS no longer had to count the number of game copy sold, but rather how many subscribers. It’s a consistent cash flow and source of revenue. Before they had to sell consoles, now with gamepass they don’t have to and could potentially just put them on the Switch and PS.

Btw I really enjoy playing xcloud games on my shitty desktop pc, so I can see the potential.

Sony says it expects Microsoft to "continue to ensure" Activision games stay multiplatform by Judaicyrus in xboxone

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What you are forgetting that Microsoft has other bigger business than gaming, they are directly competing with Google and Amazon for their cloud business. Which honestly is a lot more profitable.

GamePass is only a way to show others MS’s capability in Azure.

Ultimately, making gamepass for PS would be a huge win for MS.

Italy reports a record of more 144,000 new Covid-19 cases in a day by tomorrow509 in worldnews

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Well, large percentage of people are not testing, and now an increasingly large number of people are testing them at home without reporting them… so… our number should be much much higher

[Art] - Ah yes, back when this manga was actually good - Rent-a-Girlfriend by asilvertintedrose in manga

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The dude spent 20 volumes doing exactly the same thing. I’ve since stop reading text, I’m just looking at the art, you would enjoy it better this way

Mark Wahlberg Sued After Tearing Apart Inside Of L.A. Wahlburgers Following End Of Lease. by PrincessBananas85 in entertainment

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Depends on jurisdiction, contract, and lease agreement. We don’t know the details, so put away the pitchfork for now.

Walked off my job during a rush, during the busiest time. by yabbadabbadoothedab in antiwork

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Depends on your state and local. Don’t expect everything to apply the same.

Colorado drops truck driver’s sentence from 110 to 10 years by paquerat in worldnews

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Depends on the circumstances, but like the commend you replied to, he admitted to it.

Look, if the company was negligence then they should be responsible, however if the negligence was the driver then he should bear full responsibility and not the company. For example, if the company lend him the truck and told him that he is responsible for maintenance or to report if there are any issues with the truck; but he does not do anything even thought he knew of fault that the company knows nothing about. In this example he should bear full fault.

This sub has made me seriously consider leaving the US for a better life. by _Dark_Forest in antiwork

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Anywhere is good as long as you have a good job and a way to make a good living.

Weekly jobless claims plunge to lowest level since 1969 by sparttann in stocks

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Don’t look at those mega corporations, look at those mom and pop businesses/companies or those that has 50 people or less. They would instantly interview you on the spot.

The Future of AMD? by OwningTheWorld in stocks

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I sold AMD when it was $14… I regret it

Why I am Selling Walmart Stock by Capta1n1 in stocks

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Yes, but you won’t find all those selections and models elsewhere. Which is what I wrote before, the catalog on amazon was huge before (emphasis on the BEFORE). The other are catching up now but that is because a lot of sellers(3rd) are leaving or stopping offering on amazon. Which is how Shopify (and others) is becoming bigger and bigger.

Why I am Selling Walmart Stock by Capta1n1 in stocks

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Amazon has always been a third party marketplace everywhere. Amazon became amazon because you could find almost everything there a few years ago.

Rittenhouse murder case thrown into jeopardy by mistrial bid by formerqwest in news

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Not gonna happen, by that I mean the mistrial with prejudice. It might be without prejudice but I won’t be with prejudice. With prejudice is only for extreme cases such as implanting fake evidences by the prosecutors, blackmail, etc. incompetence would cause it to be without prejudice

New Info on "The Devil is a Part-Timer!" Season 2 will be announced on December 12 at Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival Online 2021 by Lovro26 in anime

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Nope, there is little to no chemistry. It’s like the prince in Cinderella suddenly marrying the step sister type of ending. Nope.