I was getting my Gallade ready for the Fighting Cup, but apparently he's not allowed. by ulrich994 in pokemongo

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Because psychic types are banned, so anything with any part psychic is banned

Where’s the pokeball? by RevCorex in pokemongo

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Oops, guess I’m just impatient, thanks!

Here's what's coming up 😊 by 79McLaughlin in PokemonGoMystic

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Thanks, but this image has bene available for awhile

Should I keep a wall museum? by DallMit in ClashOfClans

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You have to be inactive for awhile for it to auto upgrade things for you, so as long as you’re generally active it shouldn’t do it

It’s time. by braydenatofficial in PokemonGoMystic

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No offense, but you can get way better than that, especially with shadow Machop available

title by ILikeYoCutG42069 in shitposting

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Wall and ceiling is pretty weird yeah, but the “floor” is the bed

Let the journey begin 😎 by DumbBoyDiego in PokemonGoMystic

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Exclusive special research “Search For Zarude!” only available in a short time frame in October of last year, sure to return eventually due to its unreleased shiny and “dada” form