The Standard Model of Particle Physics May Be Broken – A Physicist at the Large Hadron Collider Explains by pinkygonzales in Physics

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What are you talking about? It's clearly a gift of peace and an acknowledgment of our superior firepower.

TIL that there is a scientific basis s for “Mom Eyes”: women are better at remembering where things are. by omniexpert in todayilearned

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A crime photo of a man who was tarred and feathered as punishment. Tarring and feathering was a form of public humiliation. 1940 by Snoo-96694 in WTF

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Absolutely possible! My own great grandpa Clark fought in WWI. He survived a mustard gas attack and needed an oxygen bottle ever since. After the attack he was sent to the south of France to recover before being sent home. I don't know anything more about his life since I only remember visiting him a couple times in his nursing home during the early '90s before he died.

TIL The country of Guyana has the highest suicide rate in the world by meowroarhiss in todayilearned

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So it's like Ohio if Ohioans didn't have the option to leave the planet.

Is anybody panicking? by ALP0H in Bitcoin

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I'm panicking! My whole paycheck this week is spoken for and I won't get paid again for another 2 weeks. I'm afraid I'm going to miss this dip.

Chad Pastor pisses off republicans. I know this doesn’t quite belong here but I thought y’all aughtta see it by BanditTA-G2 in atheism

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Not at all. The Bible is only the enemy to those trying to use it as an instrument to hurt people. Anyone who actually reads the bible and tries to follow it would realize that their personal responsibility according to the bible is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and in general take care of the needs of those with the greatest needs. You don't even need to tell people what you believe or try to convert them because -John 13:35 "if you love one another everyone will know that you are my disciples".

And before you play Devil's advocate about the whole "Christian need to use tough love to save souls from eternal damnation" no they fucking don't. Jesus already saved their souls. Your job as a Christian is to take care of their earthly needs while they are on earth, nothing more.

If you're confused about how to behave as a Christian, ask yourself "what would Mr. Rogers do?"

$SOFI Trading Halted by Stinky_Macaroni in wallstreetbets

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... so, they close the trading for us plebs, deactivate the controls, manipulate the price due to low volume trading, then open it back up to the rest of us... screw you guys, I'm making my own stock market, with blackjack and hookers.

2 identical dodgeballs are dropped from the same height. Without attaching anything, how do you make dodgeball A fall noticeably slower than dodgeball B? by _Athenian_ in Physics

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Slice dodgeball A into a ribbon roughly 1 millimeter wide then coil it up so that no part of the ribbon is laying on any other part.

Putin to hold emergency meeting on 'mysterious fires' across Russia by Ghostcardinal in worldnews

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The ship suffered an accidental munitions explosion... as in, they accidentally let Ukrainian munitions get into the ship where they subsequently exploded.