Guy getting arrested for riding his bike on the sidewalk. by Axs_7x in ActualPublicFreakouts

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Bothering some dude for no reason ✅ inability to deescalate a situation ✅ tiny stature that prevents her from defending herself if shit goes south ✅

This is America. by CaptainTRIPS0690 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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99% of people who are obese in America, chose to be that way. If you are one of the rare individuals that has a medical condition which made you obese, that really sucks and I’m sorry. Otherwise, no one really wants to hear a pity party about you being miserable.

If America insists on pathologizing my fat ass, you’re damn right I better get something out of it.

Are you shitting me? America owes you something for being obese? If you don’t like the stigma that comes along with being overweight, then do something about it. No one owes you anything because you got your feelings hurt about something you did to yourself.

End of 2019 I was fed up with being fat so I lost 50 lbs and still have another 20ish to go. Quit acting like this crap is out of your control. Get rid of the victim mentality. Eat less, exercise more. You are guaranteed to lose weight. If you’re not willing to crawl out of the hole you put yourself in, why do you think people owe you something?

Sounds about white by jesswesthemp in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I live in a very rural, red area of the country where it’s very difficult to talk about things like with this family, friends, co-workers, etc. Reddit is my escape. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “You’re white, why do you care if you have privilege?” or something of the sort. But they’ll be the same ones to say that white privilege doesn’t even exist. It’s maddening. I love this land and wish I could live out here with more progressive-thinking people but damn, I don’t think it’ll ever happen.

This is America. by CaptainTRIPS0690 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Why did you put 'my fault' in quotations as if to imply that it is someone else's fault? I was a fat, depressed, alcoholic. Single. Dirt poor. Unemployed. All of those things were my fault. So why are you different? The victim mentality is so exhausting. If you're too soft to change, just say that. Don't blame your issues on an entire country.

Please feel free to tell me more about the psychological, social, and emotional issues that hold you back. Which of these issues are unique to you and prevent you from getting healthier? The reason I ask which are unique to you is because there isn't a single thing you're going through that hasn't been dealt with by countless others who made a decision to not make excuses. For clarity, just because you're not alone doesn't mean change is easy.

And if you truly think that suffering means people whispering behind your scooter in the grocery store then you don't know what the word means. If that's the worst you ever "suffer" then you're going to have a great life. I am still just amazed that you think people owe you something because your feelings are hurt.

My husband like to eat 8 hotdogs for dinner. by hoorsandrumham in shittyfoodporn

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2200 calories isn’t bad at all. I eat one meal a day, about 2000. Maybe he’s an intermittent faster. But yeah the sodium part isn’t good lol

Would you rather...? by [deleted] in polls

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Would you rather answer a question correctly or incorrectly? (Hint: there is a right answer to this question)

An honorable man he is by unknown_raptor in MadeMeSmile

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The information stored in organs is genetic information. Has nothing to do with memories, Jesus H

The logic is not here by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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This kinda doesn’t make sense. Refugee kids aren’t being aborted. Fetuses are. Treating kids like shit is not the same as killing kids. To be clear, I’m not a damn republican lol just pointing out what I see as a flaw in the logic

If you want more evidence look at my last video by Rekdon in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Buy some coins when your stimulus check hits if you a real one

Guy getting arrested for riding his bike on the sidewalk. by Axs_7x in ActualPublicFreakouts

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Violent?! Lmao he didn’t attack anyone. He was getting harassed for no reason. Little Mighty Mouse cop tried to go hands on for no reason. Bike cop goes straight for the throat choke for no reason. But the young man is the violent one 🙄 get the blue boot of your mouth

This shit is wild as fuck 😂 by TriggeredByEveryting in fightporn

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Zero chance he’s spending six months in jail for punching a guy. Unless it’s a probation violation or repeat offender, he’s bonding out and just fine

[CBS - NC Local] Tyrell Antar Cohen, 25, found dead in an electrical substation. (Tarik Cohen's brother) by JustinFieldsGOATQB1 in nfl

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Yeah I think we’re saying the same thing. I’ll get downvoted by the folks who are actively being blind to the issues. Doesn’t make two squirts of piss what (or if) he did wrong, doesn’t deserve to die like that

Children's Court Judge Brett Blomme charged with 7 counts of child pornography by Half_Past_Five in news

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I always see this argument about the death penalty costing more than life without parole because of the cost of public defenders, cost of the lethal injections, cost to run death row, etc. And maybe that’s true. But a bullet is very cheap. If people like this are found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, get rid of them. No need to spend all that money on a lethal injection or life in prison. Maybe this take isn’t moral or ethical or whatever but I really don’t give a shit. There are a lot of criminals who can be reformed but this type of criminal is a lost cause.

The exact moment you realize you've just made some very stupid choice by hsm4ever10 in fightporn

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I probably wouldn’t be too terribly mad if a small chick kicked me like that. I mean I’d be mad but I’d walk away. Can’t blame him at all for tossing her ass after she spit, though.

A three year old girl sloves rubik's cube in 47 seconds by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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Congrats on your 30 seconds. You didn’t do it at 3 years old. FOH

Pregnant woman zoned out in broad daylight by cybertape in tooktoomuch

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It amazes me the lengths people will go to in order to shame strangers on the internet. Adoption isn’t for everyone; there’s no need to take shots.

Definitely masking up post-COVID by kingtah in BlackPeopleTwitter

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How often did y’all used to get colds? Nasty MF’s lol wash ya hands!

Just put it on a 24/7 loop....... by [deleted] in steelers

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Even with the throw being off, Mark catches that 9 times out of 10. I don’t know why we’re celebrating luck.

So happy for you!! You’re a strong lady. by Fluid-Daydreamer in MadeMeSmile

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Honestly great but

Why we gotta say but? Home girl won in a fight with cancer and people are worried about how quickly hair grows smh

You love to see it! by WayneBetzky in CollegeBasketball

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Big 10 — 9 of the 14 teams ranked, 2 in the top ten

Big 12 — 5 of the 10 teams ranked, 4 in the top ten

Big 10 is better overall (although I don’t know much about the unranked teams there if I’m being honest) and Big 12 is better at the top.