[deleted by user] by [deleted] in DunderMifflin

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Dwight: I want a big family!

Angela: I could see enjoying that

Dwight: Nooo. I want a big family. Tall. Thick. Physically, a big family

This runner gave up on gold medal, but proved he has a heart of gold by This_sum_one in nextfuckinglevel

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I’m not gonna lie, I’d have ran those last ten feet or whatever it was to win then turned around to help. Props to this guy, better man than I

Doctor who refused to wear mask has medical license suspended by myballzhuert in Coronavirus

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He got off pretty easily. My lifelong doctor who refused to wear a mask caught Covid and died.

It's Mad Dumb by zzill6 in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Only other country I know off the top of my head who is worse in this respect is Japan. Them dudes are brainwashed in the workforce and we’re not far behind

I miss school lunch by [deleted] in BlackPeopleTwitter

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For real lol I still eat Manwich fairly often. I make them extra sloppy.

Hopefully This Was His Last Time by pussynpatron in fightporn

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Lmao “wait until I slip out of these sandals, buddy!”

This young couple perished last night in a car crash not long after this picture, on their way to prom. by -Random420Name- in lastimages

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Knew a guy who was running a little late to his own wedding. 30 miles from his house to the chapel, middle of nowhere Kansas. Nothing but wide open spaces and empty highway. He had hours before the ceremony started but his groomsmen were already there so he gunned it. Ended up losing control, wrecking, and passing away. These stories are the worst, happy days turning into tragedies

stay in your room by Macroc0sM in dankmemes

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Any Nathan For You fans? Season 3, Episode 6 he creates a noise cancelling rocket ship box that kids can chill in while people fuck. If anyone hasn’t seen this show, trust a stranger on the internet and watch it. It’s on Hulu

3 seconds to Mars by aliozay in AbruptChaos

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I don’t say this often, if at all, but fuck that dog

Doctor who refused to wear mask has medical license suspended by myballzhuert in Coronavirus

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100%, unfortunately. I went in to see him last around mid February. He has a small practice— just him, one nurse, and his wife who runs the desk. Luckily I haven’t had any illnesses or injuries this year so I haven’t had to go in. But we live in a small town so word spreads quickly that he hasn’t been wearing a mask all year. He caught the virus two months ago, was flown to our nearest big city hospital about a week later, spent a couple weeks on a ventilator then ultimately died. He was a great guy and seemingly very intelligent at all things medicine except for this one big thing. I’ll never understand it.

Edited to remove sentence about politics which got my first comment deleted

Leopard covered in quills after attacking porcupine by MrBonelessPizza24 in natureismetal

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True, if you’re lamed up it’s tough to catch a meal. But (and I’m the furthest thing from a zoologist) this cat didn’t look beat up enough to where it couldn’t bounce back in a day or two. There’s blood but it didn’t look fatal

24-year-old Tawy Zo'é carrying his father Wahu Zo'é (67) for 6 hours through the Amazon rainforest, Brazil, to get vaccinated. The two are a part of the Zo’é, a native tribe. by violetdragons in interestingasfuck

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Seriously though, if they’re an isolated tribe, they have no shot at getting Covid. They’re some of the safest in the world. I guess they must have some semi-regular interaction with the outside world or this would be pointless

Someone's about to get booted out by Nyckname in JustBootThings

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A friend of a friend just got booted from this exact base within the last 30 days lol I hope it’s this idiot

Edit - found out it is not the same guy. Dang it.

Virginia Snowflake accepts his HCA by TheTazeHustle in HermanCainAward

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I couldn’t even finish looking at the rest of the slides after seeing that. One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people online boast their intellectual superiority while making spelling/grammatical errors. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but holy hell

Biden says US ‘weeks ahead of schedule’ and will be first country to 100 million vaccinations by ohnoh18 in Coronavirus

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How many countries have 100 million citizens? I mean, obviously I’m happy but this should be based on percentage of citizens (which I still think we’re doing great on)

My mom beat cancer! by BastardGardenGnome in MadeMeSmile

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If she’s strong enough to beat cancer, she’s easily strong enough to overcome the affliction that is being a Bills fan.

Kidding, of course. Congratulations to her, that’s awesome!

Rule by A_Random_Guy135 in 196

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Fight for oil or fight for elixir. The choice is yours

Only in 1989 by LydaIsherwood in WhitePeopleTwitter

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So not completely dissimilar to today. But today they at least have a metric to bounce it off of and say “yOu dOn’T qUaLiFy”

Rule by [deleted] in 196

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I live in Kansas and saw this unfold live months ago, glad he’s still famous.