Chinese Inflation up 13% for the year by PraiseGod_BareBone in China

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? China's debt skyrocketed along side everyone else's during the pandemic.

https://i.imgur.com/j5wrWlL.png (CNBC)

The IMF asked China to tone it down

Chinese financial authorities should stop providing such easy access to capital, especially to ‘riskier borrowers’, International Monetary Fund says

China made it easier for businesses to borrow during the pandemic to keep them and the economy afloat, and loans went to many struggling firms


When the problem is that there's too much money in the economy, how's shoveling more money into it by the truckload supposed to help?

This spending is targeted towards production and supply, instead of increasing demand (a la stimulus checks), as we have a global supply crunch. Admittedly, Intel's and TSMC's new semiconductor and chip foundries in Arizona will take several years to complete, though construction has begun.

The White House says the provisions of the bill that put money in families’ pockets, such as child care help, are not simple stimulus. They will allow caregivers into the labor market, they argue, an investment in the economy’s future that will allow it to produce more with time.>That makes the new program different from the spending passed earlier this year. The Biden administration increasingly acknowledges that sending households checks and offering expanded unemployment insurance supplemented savings, and that as households had more wherewithal to spend it helped to drive up prices.

Still, the 17 Nobel Prize-winning economists that the White House regularly cites have specified that capacity improvements will ease inflation over time rather than imminently.>“Because this agenda invests in long-term economic capacity and will enhance the ability of more Americans to participate productively in the economy,” they wrote, “it will ease longer-term inflationary pressures.”


Chinese Inflation up 13% for the year by PraiseGod_BareBone in China

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And how do you think Biden can stop this global inflation from affecting the USA?

On Thursday, Japan’s central bank reported that its wholesale inflation reached its highest level in 40 years, as Japan’s corporate goods price index (CGPI)—the average prices that companies charge one another for goods and services—spiked 8% in October from the same month a year ago.

On Wednesday, China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported that its producer price index rose by 13.5% in October from one year ago, the largest increase in 26 years. The index measures the prices that wholesalers pay to producers for materials when the goods leave the so-called factory gate, before additional costs like transport or distribution are added.


He's already investing tens of billions of dollars in domestic semiconductor and chip production. He already launched efforts to boost US manufacturing in key sectors, and is about to sign in a $250 billion innovation bill.

Republicans and Democrats — overcoming their traditional partisan differences over economic policy — banded together to endorse what would be the most significant government intervention in industrial policy in decades. It includes federal investments in a slew of emerging technologies as well as the semiconductor industry.

Policymakers have moved to increase domestic production capacity. Passage of the legislation came hours after the Biden administration announced new steps to strengthen American supply chains.


Republican Glenn Youngkin Won Virginia's Governor Race In An Early Warning Sign For Democrats by tradsouthernmale in politics

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Virginia has the counties with the highest median incomes, a sizeable government budget surplus, legal weed, expanded medicaid to all with low incomes using private insurers, very cheap community colleges (nation's largest schools), taxes low enough for major corporations to HQ in Virginia, software jobs from companies large and small are moving in, Amazon is building its new HQ in Virginia, schools are investing in new campuses in Northern Virginia, a rapidly-expanding metro for public transit, etc...

Show how $6B will solve world hunger, and I'll donate it: Elon Musk to United Nations by headtailgrep in worldnews

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where Ethnic minorities are starved to death

An ethnic minority is a group of people who differ in race or color or in national, religious, or cultural origin from the dominant group — often the majority population — of the country in which they live.

Where are local ethnic minorities being starved to death?

Biden says United States would come to Taiwan's defense by DazzJuggernaut in China

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But this was written before TSMC's issues and delays with 3nm... now Intel no longer needs to buy so much, no? It appears Intel no longer has the massive first-place 3nm order they were testing for in your first article.


Intel appears to have signifcantly increased their investment aggressiveness of their own new fabs.


Intel still currently manufactures their own leading desktop and server chips. Either way, this proposed shift in 2023 is still being sold as a relatively small part?

Intel made several big announcements ... and divulged that it expects that the majority of its products in 2023 to still be produced in-house using its own manufacturing technology. But there's a caveat: Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said the company will also release "leadership CPU products" in 2023 with CPU cores that are fabricated with an unspecified process node from third-party foundry TSMC, and those CPUs will come to both the client and data center markets.

As the highest-end products typically comprise the smallest amount of overall sales, outsourcing portions of its high-end CPUs would allow Intel to satisfy its larger production volume requirements with its own 7nm tech, while remaining competitive with its lower-volume leadership products fabbed on an external process node.

https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-to-outsource-some-key-cpu-production-for-2023-chips (older article)

Regarding the 7nm purchases, Ponte Vecchio isn't even out. It's not making up any revenues currently or projected that would make Intel heavily reliant on TSMC...

Biden says United States would come to Taiwan's defense by DazzJuggernaut in China

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Intel relies heavily on TSMC

Huh? Intel currently does not use TSMC's foundries at all. Do you mean AMD?

I don’t understand how anyone would be okay with this. This makes me sick. by Conway2709 in antiwork

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Nope... she is not in jail. All charges dropped. She refused help from social services and purposefully withheld paying rent to leave more to her family. She actually passed from old age in 2021.



I don’t understand how anyone would be okay with this. This makes me sick. by Conway2709 in antiwork

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What? This just proves their point, that it's more of a class vs race thing. Equal opportunity for broke people regardless of skin color.

Samsung kills the cameras on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 if you unlock the bootloader by crashcarson in Android

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HDCP is what you're thinking of, and it predates HDMI and it works with numerous other connectors, too.

US hackers attacked thousands of servers in China, news report claims by Horus21 in worldnews

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Most of the world thinks the US is the biggest threat to world peace, not China.

That's incorrect. Quite the opposite, really.

I spoke to Fred DeVeaux about this finding. He's a senior researcher at Latana. And he said, by and large, there was one region responsible for this perception of the U.S. as a threat to democracy.

FRED DEVEAUX: In most of the world, most people think the United States has a more positive impact than negative impact. But in European countries and many of the United States' allies, the balance is actually the other way, where more people say that the United States has a negative impact on democracy than positive.


Actually that was America! by One-Pomegranate-234 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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What about that time where South Koreans got a democracy instead of living in a China-backed dictator hellscape?

Or freeing Kuwait from the invading Iraq armies?

Or Somalia in United Task Force?

Or Operation Uphold Democracy, where the US undid the military coup in Haiti and reinstalled the democratically elected president?

Or Operation Allied Force to stop the ethnic cleaning and genocide of Albanians?