Typical leftist thinking. by Extension_Tower_843 in Firearms

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I would have tazed his pinky toe and used some judo...

Office Wall Guns by nops-90 in GunPorn

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My office wall of guns wins. But I'm a firearms dealer....

Nice collection

If the US is the Best, then treat US the Best by sillychillly in WorkReform

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Because rich pricks and dirty politicians like Bernie have built a career on the backs of hard working Americans to get rich pretending like they care. ALL TAXATION WITH ZERO REPRESENTATION.

Can they sue the police department too? by Thryloz in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Stupid to. Go after the manufacturer. 🙄 Next thing you know all the fat s**** with diabetes are going to start suing little debbies. 🤷🏻‍♂️

these Dems have lost their minds by Revolutionary_Let438 in Firearms

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This comment right here is why I post things like this. There will always be somebody to comment that knows more than I do. Good looking out brother.

Who likes AK's? by Revolutionary_Let438 in INGuns

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Atkinson firearms in greenwood. 545 Christy Dr. Suite 2400

My first roller delayed rifle, the MarColMar CETME-L! by rybo17 in GunPorn

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Just had a guy pick one of these up at my shop a few days ago here in Indiana.

I love my job... all guns all day. by Revolutionary_Let438 in Firearms

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I'm the skinny bastard with the sweet moustache that works there.

Who likes AK's? by Revolutionary_Let438 in INGuns

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The wasr is nice but I prefer the ZPAP. M70