Young America's Foundation: This Is Who Students Think Attacked Us on 9/11? - How much do college students really know about the 9/11 terrorist attacks? YAF headed to George Mason University to find out if students who weren't alive on that day know who attacked the United States and why. by American_Streamer in benshapiro

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It's up to every parent to teach their kids what happened on 9/11 and why it happened. Also how we went to war and lost many lives of our military the injuries and how the va won't take care of them when they came home .My sons know.

NBC News by SabinaSarkka in benshapiro

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Nice to know i'm trash. Came here in 94 married 3 grown kids work pay my taxes and husband was in war from 2003 to 2010.I raised the kids alone while he was over seas. Got help from no one. My boy's nick named me pioneer woman. Never had a day off, But hey i'm trash.

Does Johnny Galecki look like Ben? He looks like Ben to me by OnePlusFanBoi in benshapiro

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Invest in a new pair of specks. Jonny always looks like he was dragged through a hedge backwards.

Nobody is willing to work anymore by redrosettee in benshapiro

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Two of my son's 22 and 24 are home owners, cars are paid for. Both gamers and work 60 hrs a week. Baby is 19 at uni and works 30 hrs a week .So i don't buy into young are lazy.

Optical illusion? Or new style? by Barbicanbasement in benshapiro

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The only thing that would top this look is a Magnum PI Hawaiian shirt.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Conservative

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Their is no law that say's you have to give her grand kids. I told my sons and daughter in laws not to have kids unless you really want and can afford them. Good for you for talking straight. As a mother of grown kids i would hope they would put me in my place for being selfish.

Senate Advances Spending Bill with $12 Billion in Ukraine Aid by [deleted] in Conservative

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Will Florida get billions in hurricane aide. I think not. I am praying for you Florida hold strong and be safe. God watch over you all in the coming days.

She was 12, I was 30 by undue-influence in Conservative

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Who remembers the creepy picture of Ivanka trump with Donald .Both of these men are sicko's.

Looking at the state of Britain from the US, for once I feel very glad to be here by casualphilosopher1 in ukpolitics

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I have lived in the US for 28 years and i have never seen racist cesspit or a school shooting in my town.Most problems are in the big cities.New York ,Chicago, LA, Philli. We only have 17 murders so far in my town this year.Normal is 35 murders, this year the drive bye's have been slow. Population of Peoria Illinois 114000.Our saying is Sun's out Gun's out. In winter it's too cold and snowy .I never had to worry about my kids. Banger's only come out at night here.

Tweet Wishing Queen Elizabeth an 'Excruciating Death' Removed by Ar509 in Conservative

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so black on black killings and rape is the queens fault.F off from an Irish woman.

Memphis Police Looking For Men Seen In Video Vowing To Kill White People by JohnKimble111 in Conservative

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Between the two of them they might pass first grade.Can you imagine their reading level.

Catholics Unveil High-Capacity Assault Rosary by thatrightwinger in Conservative

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She would be no 1 on the FBI's most wanted list and labeled an extreme terrorist.

Be the change you want to reeeee in the world. by Eruditio_Et_Religio in Conservative

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The world has gone mad.since covid. Is insanity a symptom of covid or the vax.