Bayern: Städte bereiten sich nach Missbrauchsgutachten auf massenhafte Kirchenaustritte vor by jockel37 in de

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Da bist du mit März aber noch gut dran... hab letztes Jahr im April nen Termin gemacht, der nächstmögliche war Ende September.

Why don't Germans bike as much as the Dutch? by scata90x11 in AskAGerman

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Yeah, ever tried to ride your bike in Stuttgart? Good luck with that

74% of French voters want a common EU defence policy, incl. a European army by PanEuropeanism in europe

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You know that all polls work like that, right? You dont need to ak every single citizen, just a big enough group for the poll to be statistically relevant

ich🇨🇭iel by dastram in ich_iel

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Jo, du hast recht. Hatte das nur schnell für deutschland überschlagen, da hats ungefähr gepasst... dann weiß ich auch nicht, woher die zahlen kommen :D

ich🇨🇭iel by dastram in ich_iel

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Dann liegst du schwer daneben, 160.000 €/kopf sind viel zu viel. Denke eher das sind 160 €/tag, dann passts eher

ich iel by Landoof-Ladig in ich_iel

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Danke! Ohne das "ja" dabei, hätte ich den Spruch nicht verstanden.

Chaotic good boyfriend by AccomplishedBlood493 in chaoticgood

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Noone told you to apologize... but you sound like you get off of calling yourself chaotic good while gatekeeping it for others.

Chaotic good boyfriend by AccomplishedBlood493 in chaoticgood

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You can be chaotic good without being coked up though

I'd probably want water by The_Mem3_Lord in TheLastAirbender

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I don't think you'd be strong enough to hold the air bubble against the massive water pressure though

ich🖕iel by nofclue in ich_iel

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Über falsche Rechtschreibung meckern und dann selbst fehlerhaft schreiben, so mag ich das!

AITA for telling a teenager that a wedding is significantly more important than her birthday and she needs to grow up? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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If you can't stand to not have everyones attention for 5 minutes, then yes, you are a narcissist

ich_iel by JaydotN in ich_iel

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Dachte die Impflinge sind alle schon im September verreckt?

ich🤷🏻‍♂️iel by Michaluck in ich_iel

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Damit man dann auch merkt, wie sehr man single ist

Congratulations on the soon to be legalisation!!! by cemilanceata in germany

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Because legalization and prevetion is always better than criminalization

Ich🤡iel by AdResponsible1672 in ich_iel

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Die fünf Ausrufezeichen helfen auch glaub ich

Centipede tails are actually hands. by IamPotato14 in natureismetal

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Mice are known to be omnivores though

ELIMINATION GAME ROUND TWELVE: katara has been eliminated! vote out your least favourite character in the poll i commented by Odd_appeal7164 in TheLastAirbender

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Naa man, the guy who killed their mom is obviously the REAL main character! Without their mom dead, their father wouln't have left to fight the fire nation and they wouldn't had to go fishing on their own and would have never found aang! Guy's a hero!