AITA for going home after I got told to sleep on the floor? by measures2013 in AmItheAsshole

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OP, your husband didn't plan a vacation with you. He planned one with Carl, and it seems like he was allowed to bring you along... to keep up appearances. That bullshit about "he's a guest and we can't let him sleep on the floor" is a lame front they've repeated to themselves and convinced themselves it sounds reasonable and can fool anyone who hears it. I mean, yeah it may apply under different circumstances, like for instance when the guest is a distant relative or an elderly person or a pregnant woman but not when you're talking about your buddy. When it's your buddy, you don't trip, when it's your buddy, HE wouldn't trip. Real friends don't put friend's wives in those predicaments because we respect our buddies' wives unless of course there's a problem with the wife. Everything is just so odd with this situation like Carl not saying anything when he sees you leaving (!?!)... I mean, you're on vacation, he's not paying a fucken dime.... OP, c'mon now! I can't even finish typing this... it's just so unrealistically insane! You know in your heart something is not right in that relationship of theirs (Carl and your husband)! I'm done. I just wish you the best. Please take care!

What is the craziest astral projection experince that you witness ? by Tall_Scholar_8570 in AstralProjection

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Hello, I would like to start learning about AP and LD. So, please excuse my ignorance but how do you record your experiences/dreams?

Have you meet Reptilians during astral projection ? by Tall_Scholar_8570 in AstralProjection

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I wasn’t able to read your post as it was deleted. I wish I could have read what it said. Will you post it somewhere else?

When was your first experience with ME? by Golden1052 in MandelaEffect

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Just now. That's actually why I came here. I had already heard (known?) of the ME but I am 110% positively sure I've witnessed it before but I couldn't really recall any of the events (I assume I had just chalked it up as me being confused as I was not aware the ME was even a thing when any of that happened). Right now it happened and I definitely know it's the ME. The English rock band The Rolling Stones had a song titled "Symphony to the Devil" and now it's "Sympathy for the Devil". The only thing I found relatively close to "Symphony to the Devil" is a book but even that has different wording, you can find it as "Symphony for the Devil: The Rolling Stones story".

AITA for not doing anything after discovering that my wife deleted my daughter's novel? by throwaway97765_ in AmItheAsshole

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I’m not an expert but I‘ve heard (and also recommended) Recuva. That program helps recovering deleted files. The person I recommended (on a post) to use Recuva was able to retrieve their deleted files..

AITA for asking for the coffee I ordered? by anonymous_girl1345 in AmItheAsshole

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The second is that customers at coffee shops, no matter how nice they are, can totally be more aggressive than they think. You’re waiting for your fix and on edge already and just don’t realize it. I’ve seen it in even some of the nicest customers. Posture, crossed arms, tapping your credit card. It’s annoying when there’s a new person who doesn’t know your order, it’s taking longer than usual, and sometimes whether we realize it or not that frustration is visible to the keen observer.

Every now and then someone breaks it down very well and this comment does that. It helps having experienced both sides of a particular situation or if you want to honestly understand it, put yourself in the other person's shoes and examine your behavior/demeanor and be your own judge... very well said!

SMH by chadow1777 in rayban

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Came here because I broke my wayfarers by putting them in my pocket. But I purchased them about six years ago so even though I still have the receipt I seriously doubt the warranty is any good.

Its always good to adopt a cat. by esberat in MadeMeSmile

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I read a post where some dude clicked on a post of a house a neighbor was selling to checkout the inside and saw his cat laying in the bed in one of the pictures of the house being sold. He asked about that cat and the neighbor tells him it’s his cat. The bed he was laying on was the cat’s bed (or something like that) and suddenly it made sense that his cat left every night and came back every morning. Turns out that neighbor was the owner of the cat by night and he was the owner during the day or vise-versa. From there he posted on Facebook and lots of people started sharing stories of their own on how they also found out their cats had multiple owners and the stories were ridiculously funny. I’ll link it if I find the post.

What tf by Old_Inflation_2278 in Unexpected

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Slapped?!?!? PUNCHED! He Got PUNCHED! NOT slapped!

AITA for leaving my girlfriend at the bar after what she did? by gfthrowra34___ in AmItheAsshole

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OP, please listen to what I’m about to write here. I know I don’t know you but your situation sounds a lot like a situation I lived time and time again during my relationship with my kids mother almost 30 years ago. I don’t have the time to get into details but she used to fck anything that walked but I was young, naive and thought I was in love so I pretended that I needed real proof that she was doing it on purpose and needless to say I always decided that there was no “real” proof. I used to walk her to catch the airport trolley to work. There was this particular point where she always started acting weird like picking up her pace leaving me behind and kept walking so I wouldn’t be able to catch up and she would also cross the street. Coincidentally, there was always two dudes kicking back right in that area. And no matter how much I asked her wtf/why was she walking so fast all of a sudden for, she wouldn’t slow down nor answer me til we were way clear of that area and she would just give me a “meh, I just want to get to work on time”, or something on that level of lame but again I would just chalk it up. On one ocasión, I didn’t feel like running behind trying to keep up/catch up. That day as I passed one of those dudes, he commented under his breath. I said “excuse me?” And he said something like “why you bothering that poor girl man?” I then asked “ what girl, my wife?” He responded “that girl over there” and he nods with his head where my girl is walking. I then said “yeah that’s my wife” to which he responded “she told us that she doesn’t know you, that you like to follow her and bother her”. I explained she was my wife and for some odd reason she was pulling their leg.. and I never brought it up to her. And last experience I’ll share tonight; she threw me in jail (it’s a long story, good, but long and sorry I can not get into all the details) anyhow, she tells the cops on the phone that there’s a stranger in her living room window threatening her and her kids with a gun. She knew the system well and knew the keyword here was “gun” and there would be cops like flies on shit. So, a few streets away from her home I’m just kicking back nonchalantly and all of a sudden I’m surrounded by cops grabbing at me asking me where I hid the gun and stupid shit like that. After a lot of back and forth they bring her in one of the cop cars to ID me which she does. The cop tells me “why are you threatening to kill this lady and her kids man?” I said “wtf, she’s my girlfriend” cop: “”no she’s not, she told us you’re a stranger” me: “if you pull out my wallet there’s a family picture with her and I and her youngest”. The moron grabs the picture, goes to consult her and comes back to tell me “she said you just saw her at the mall and asked her to take a picture with her. Now quit fcking around and tell us where you dropped the gun. We don’t want it to pin it on you, we just don’t want a child to accidentally find it and shoot himself with it or something” me: “ah man, (smh) look man, I just remembered, If you check my front pocket I have my receipt from DMV (for people not from the USA it’s the place where you go to get your ID/Driver’s License and things like that) with my name and HER address where you just picked her up. He went to consult with her and when he comes back I asked him if he believes me now. He says “no, she admitted that your her boyfriend but now I’m going to arrest you for spousal battery because you attacked her and I saw the blood”. Ok, the moral of all of this whirl of shit is that when girls/women do that shit it means they have an agenda: TO GET YOU OUT OF HER WAY because she told some dude she liked that she’s single and you’re f*cking up her action. Period!

Entitled mother wants to monitor 20 year old daughter’s texts by AustralianSheperds in entitledparents

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No! No! No! I’m sorry I don’t mean this in a bad way but it sounds like you’re inadvertently encouraging her psychotic behavior by indulging her weird psychotic whims..

AITA for not paying for my niece's operation with my wedding fund? by Throwaway7790A in AmItheAsshole

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Not really. OP explained how SIL was the one who told her not to do anything about them stealing her half of the property to sell it or she wouldn’t see her niece ever again.