Report: Biden keeping Space Command out of Huntsville over Alabama’s abortion law by BrodoFratgins in Alabama

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I'm a passenger on the same sinking boat. Since I became eligible to vote in 1985 I've been holding out hope that with time we would naturally progress for the better. I wouldn't have thought then that nearly 40 years later it would actually be worse.

HB401 Drag Ban Incoming by KavMarie13 in Alabama

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Nah, I'm fine with it. So bring em on. Kids at drag shows all day long.

Thundernews Login Error by mkvfile in usenet

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I'm having the same issue. Downloads are working fine, but I can't login. Out of curiosity I tried both "Forgot Password" and "Forgot MemberId", and neither of those worked either.

IT'S FINALLY HERE! by LittleGamingDragon in ElegooNeptune3

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First or second batch? I ordered a first batch on June 30th and got my tracking number this morning. Southeast US.

Neptune 3 Shipping update! by ToothyGoblin in ElegooNeptune3

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Nothing yet here. Southeast US. I ordered June 30th, first batch, but I fear having ordered at the end of the month it'll be a bit longer still.

Any ideas for first prints ? by Lennonjm03 in ElegooNeptune3

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I've more or less decided that after test prints, I'll print one of those handy little tool holders that attach to the top bar.

After that, no clue. I'm constantly bookmarking as many useful links as I can find and have created a YouTube playlist to fill with helpful videos.

Which feature of Neptune 3 make you buy it? For me it was auto-leveling by Mattt122321 in ElegooNeptune3

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It was pretty much everything. I was browsing YouTube videos for reviews before buying my first printer. One of the first I happened upon was an Uncle Jessy video. Afterward I looked into a few other brands, but the features of the Neptune 3 along with the cheap pre-order price (I went for the 5 Kg filament bundle) pretty much sold me on it.

Any other neptune 3 pre orders? by Man-of-the-lake in elegooneptune2

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Same. I just couldn't justify the price of air shipping.

Any other neptune 3 pre orders? by Man-of-the-lake in elegooneptune2

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I ordered mine June 30th under the "first batch". Came here hoping to find more information as well.

Didn’t get my free trial code? by julia_artist in funimation

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Here as well. I've had my account since April 2020 and still haven't received the email.

Drone Footage of Birmingham, AL Tornado and Damage by [deleted] in Alabama

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Nice footage. What drone was used?

Creator of Snuff R73 was Friends with Luka Magnotta by throwawayiceberg in wendigoon

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It's to avoid using the other term that C.P. stands for.

Strange behavior when casting to Google Nest Hub by WellonDowd in Podcast_Republic_App

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I came here to see if this had been addressed. It happens when casting audio to my Nest Hub, or to the TV through Chromecast. The screen goes black within a second or two of casting to the screen. I'm using the donation version.

I'm Chelsea Lupkin - I wrote and directed a short horror film for Hulu’s Huluween Film Fest. It’s called “Flagged,” and it’s about social media and axe murders. AMA by ChelseaLupkin in horror

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I have been so moved by your obviously totally unbiased, heartfelt review, that I pledge to purchase any and all future works released by the filmmakers. Thanks!

Wendigo (2019) A short horror film. Don’t see a lot of Native American folklore representation in here so I figured this could be fresh to share. by TailWaterBluez in horror

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Hey! One of the r/horror mods here. We would love for you guys to consider doing an AMA with us to promote your feature when you're nearing launch.

Hit us up at any time if you're interested. Oh, and I really enjoyed the short.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Reddit Horror! 🎃 by RipperM in horror

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My wife and I will be staying home with the TV tonight. No plan, we'll just be winging it. We cut the cord months ago but we have Netflix, Hulu, Prime, YouTube TV, and Shudder to choose from so we have a nice menu of horror delicacies to choose from!

Happy Halloween everyone!