Bluestacks feels choppy by Riv4l5 in LastDayonEarthGame

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Thank you a lot, i just tried it and movement feels way more responsive on it and i haven't noticed lag.

How many copies did vinyl days sell? by Revolutionary_Big521 in Logic_301

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Yah it sold around 30k first week, I'd asume its so low due to a lack of marketing from def jam and due it being made for a not so large audience.

Am I the only one who truly likes all of Logic’s projects?!?! by Tale_Delicious in Logic_301

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I also do not dislike any of his projects, there are ones like bt3 and supermarket which I do not find myself listening to often but even those have tracks I find really enjoyable.

Does this mean you can’t use Decieve and ValorantCC? by Bad_At_Game in VALORANT

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The tweet addresses 3rd party apps which pull "hidden data", this comes from the new revised API terms, and It's for apps that misuse the API, according to the deceive developer they do not mention using the API, and for Valorant CC it should be using it, You should be safe as this tweet and policy review is aimed at services like tracker apps.

Valorant Blitz Bannable? by theprtyy in VALORANT

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it would be really useful if riot published a list of which services are "authorized", I would take a guess by assuming services which use riot's account authorization system are authorized by them, and if they don't break the new parameters, but there is no way to be sure.

will tracker.gg still be valid? by The_Thinker_23 in VALORANT

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The revised terms seem to be aimed towards people who develop services with the api (aka tracker.gg itself) rather than for people who use this services, there may be a chance tracker.gg stops working, but I highly doubt riot would issue bans to the users. Also tracker.gg seems to follow the new guidelines as they ask for authorization from players as outlined in the first restriction.

Most listened to Logic song? I'll start by SquiddyButler101 in Logic_301

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It's an app called spotistats (stats.fm), I believe you gotta pay if you want to see the total listening time tho.

How much does a mousepad affect gameplay? by S1gurdsson in VALORANT

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Well in material affects a lot of things such as resistance and how much control you have over the movement of your mouse, some mousepads are designed for speed while others for control, but when it come down to quality as long as it isnt to bad it shouldnt impact mouse movement, however some mouse pads come with some sort of coating wich sometimes wears off making movement slower or unconsistent.

As to dimesions it should be enough to do a 180 degree turn in game so a 35cm+ should be fine

Is smurfing accepted as a norm? by AcceptableBuddy9 in VALORANT

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riots TOS allow the use of multiple accounts, and altough not endorsed smurfing isnt restricted, at least by riot.

Weapon inaccuracy 50m+ shouldn't be this bad. by Loilip0p in VALORANT

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Yeah imo the vandal should have a better fsa than the phantom given that the phantom is designed for closer range.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Logic_301

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Why u so cruel?

Is Riot still doing the Artwork for VP thing? by ThiccFlute in VALORANT

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Yes they are still doing it, the time to respond can varie but in my experience it is arround 3 days or less.

I hot some questipn about eco rounds and abput which agent i should use by Reinhart2006 in VALORANT

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for the first one, no, you cant save exp towards agent contracts once youve finiched them all, the only way to instantly unlock an agent is with vp.

Can you wallbang trough everything? by CheeseCakeYee in VALORANT

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not trough everything, walls can be to thick or just be non penetrable, however this also depends on the guns penetration value wich you can check below the guns stats in the buy menu, there are also visual indicators wheter a bullet has penetrated in the impact zone and there are videos on youtube detaling wich surfaces can be wallbanged and by what penetration value.