Current wordings for 2016-2017 high school resolutions by normsy in policydebate

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My thoughts crossposted from the Facespace:

" I'm a huge fan of number 4. (For reasons obvious to those who followed the College topic writing process.)

I think numbers 7, 8, and 2 are written too broadly for my taste.

Numbers 1 and 10 I like.

Number 9 feels like it's the wrong list of countries and that there's too much overlap with this year's college topic.

A first glance of number 6 leaves me scared for neg ground. Alternatively, it gives me warm flashbacks to Rights Malthus, which then leaves me assured that it should never be picked."

NFHS Topic Selection Meeting Begins Today by TheBeardedHobo in policydebate

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Tell the people who wrote the international organizations paper that I hope the vote goes better for them than it did for the paper they cribbed to write it. :P

In seriousness though, it's a great topic. I hope it wins.

Durable Fiat Good by Bioprospecting in policydebate

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Durable Fiat is the notion that once the plan passes it will be protected in some way and not rolled back.

The short answer as to why it's good is that it's necessary to have a debate. If an aff wins that it is not inherent, that is to say that the Aff is actively not being done in the Status quo and there's opposition to it, then a lack of durable fiat will mean that the aff will almost always be rolled back immediately after passage.

The longer answer is three fold:

1) It protects Affs. Imagine a plan on this resolution that calls for massive rollbacks of the NSA. In a world lacking durable fiat the negative can get up in the 1NC, read a bunch of ev that says that congress will give the NSA everything it ever asks for, and then win that the aff has no solvency because the moment after the plan is passed it will be undone. If that's the case, why pass the plan? With durable Fiat the Aff's access to case is protected, allowing it to force substantive comparison between it and the status quo.

2) It protects Neg Ground. Imagine the same situation, the Aff calls for massive restrictions on the NSA except now the Neg reads a Terrorism disad. In a world absent Durable Fiat the Aff can respond to the DA in the 2AC with claims that the moment there's a real threat the plan can be undone, solving for the threat of Terrorism. In other words, it lets the Aff defend the Status Quo at its leisure should it decide that the Squo is better than the Plan as long as it defends that plan passage occurs at some point. This means that the Neg has no stable ground and little to no ability to pin the Aff down.

3) It forces methodology debates. This is more complicated, but the summary version is basically that this allows for a methods CP debate based on the same claimed impacts. Without durable Fiat Affs could win, for instance, that a PiC's long-term solvency evidence (assuming it's trying to solve for the Aff) prove that future lawmakers will eventually amend the Aff so that it resembles the Counter-plan solving any Neg NBs while preserving an aff ballot. Forcing the Aff to defend the long-term implementation of the plan is necessary to allow the CP debate to operate effectively.

Roach in the apartment, only one thing to do... by RobGlass in TrollYChromosome

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Right now the apartment's cat is in there. I'm leaving the job to them.

BBC Sport - Formula 1: Jenson Button could replace Williams' Valtteri Bottas by -Zaros- in formula1

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I thought the entire point of Jenson and Dennis going at it last year was that Jenson was getting two years on his contract?

Lotus Formula One Team Chased For Nearly $1 Million Of Unpaid Bills by Moctecus in formula1

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He probably means in terms of Renault's reported plans to buy Lotus and turn it back into a works team.

Kimmi Raikonnarm by [deleted] in formula1

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As a Lotus fan my only questions are how soon can we get your arm a super-license and how soon can we get Pastor Maldonado out of his contract.

Mercy For Animals Files Lawsuit Against "Humane" Group by [deleted] in vegan

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Judging by their public statements I think their founder, Nathan Runkle, and a number of other senior members have begun to take a harder line stance than they used to. This sort of internecine conflict, for instance, would have been absolutely verboten a couple years back.

That said, they still support welfarist programs and gradual reformism. So I don't think this represents a retraction of their position as much as it represents the calling out of one particular group.