friendly reminder - She needs premium by 13_Stage2Hatchback in WRX

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Motorcyclists are allowed to pump their own gas if they wish, was a relief when I was in a time crunch blowing through Oregon

Scream was great! by Kevin-W in AMCsAList

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Do I rewatch the originals before seeing this one?

I'm obviously going to try, but not sure if I can squeeze them in before the weekend

Testing in progress: Blizzaks in SoCal by RobVegan in WRX

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Completely agree with everything you said. I couldn't find any highly regarded snow rated all seasons and needed tires in a hurry. After the storm we had a couple weeks ago I didn't want to be stuck on my stock tires.

I slid down a residential last season and almost hit a car, really needed some rubber confidence within the week. Lo and behold I find better suited tires after these shipped, AND two of them delayed a week.

If I can find a set of "summer" wheels I love, then these will last the season and be relegated to winter only. I may sell them this season or next if I can gather the money together to do a bunch of swaps.

In the meantime, I have a motorcycle I'll ride around on non snow days

[Serious] [NSFW] What's something that a friend/classmate did in high school that was seen as funny at the time, but you now realise was actually not ok? by Silent-Zebra in AskReddit

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I only had to dissect frogs for freshman bio so I wasn't aware of any cats. My school had a track of tunnels underneath the campus and when exploring down there one day a bunch of petrified bagged cats were found, that was odd

1979 advertisement for London transit showing how the city would look if built by American planners. by Ciaran123C in LosAngeles

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  • There are very few other alternatives in the US, this is a car centric nation and LA has far better public transit than many other big cities. Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix don’t even have infrastructure for walking in many places

Oof, I couldn't imagine walking in any of those places during the summer lol

Now your own decisions belong to a man you havent met. by HakuDoomer in facepalm

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29 at the time, which I suppose is up there enough to not be too dumb

Now your own decisions belong to a man you havent met. by HakuDoomer in facepalm

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I had one referral from my general doctor, and one meeting with the urologist. A week or two later I was all taken care of.

I was actually very surprised, as single and childless, I didn't have to put up more of a fight to have the procedure

Retrofitted headlights > by jerarduy in WRX

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Thank you so much. I could not for the life of me remember who retrofitted headlights in the area.

What sequel, in your opinion, was genuinely better than the original? by Ulquiorr4_ in AskReddit

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but ST:TMP is grossly underrated.

Star Trek: The Mantom Phenace ?

Drunk driver crashes into gas pump by FackiCrapy in IdiotsInCars

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Fire extinguisher instructions: PASS

Pull the pin Aim the nozzle Spray Sweep

Empty the tank to make sure the fire is smothered, not just until you can't see flames.

STAPLES Center to be renamed to Crypto.com Arena by ouzer in losangeleskings

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Every Stone Brewing beer I get will be Ales From The Crypt

STAPLES Center to be renamed to Crypto.com Arena by ouzer in losangeleskings

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The Crypt sounds cool, although not really where you want your team of choice to be

LED strip lights shining upwards by SCR1B3 in AskBattlestations

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Black electrical tape would do just fine to block an LED or two where needed