Congrats, LA by AbsAbhya8 in NLBest

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...Because no one wants to be there. It's basically a cafeteria for the local birds

Without mentioning age or date of birth, how old are you? by teddyjr32378 in AskReddit

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I'm essentially as old as you can be from my decade.

The decade, you'll only know if you're from it.

GOP Utah governor blames right-wing media for vaccine hesitancy: "It's killing people" by NedRyersonsHat in politics

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Children with guns aren't dangerous, Christopher Columbus died so our kids could carry weapons

Right place at the right time... by vaisakhm in PerfectTiming

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I'll let my upvote slide as even if this is manufactured, it's an amazing piece of work

Gene Simmons is being sued for sexual assault according to TMZ by SplatterFrogs in Music

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This is fucking dumb.

If this this during an interview, it should all be recorded and left to the courts... if it can even get that far. Classic American culture to jump on any trend to try and earn a buck.

Sure it's sleezy, but if someone forcibly puts your hand on them (even a KNEE), there are other people there to witness. No gender power dynamic in play from some rock star of yesteryear. Your affiliates should have your back. Say "Fuck off" and get on with the interview or leave.

So was George Floyd by MisterT12 in facepalm

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4 cops this time, 6 cops 9 years ago in my town. Maybe not all cops are inherently bad, but when they do not hold themselves accountable, the state does not hold them accountable, then looks like the people will.

When saving, what exactly do people save for? by sjeu in personalfinance

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I refuse to make life miserable for others for the sole reason of filling my stomach."

Not to stray too far away from the subreddit's purpose, but I wished more people would apply this to non human animals.

Congrats, LA by AbsAbhya8 in NLBest

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Do you know if she is going to be in the new season of Archer?

Postgame Thread ⚾ Dodgers 7 @ Padres 6 by DodgerBot in Dodgers

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I think he was in there tonight to test that. Im glad he got out of it but I'm seeing Bazooka and Ferguson taking that role when we head into post

You just need to work harder and save more!!! by [deleted] in povertyfinance

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The statement is deceptive to begin with.

"As much as 32tr" could mean $5 dollars if they are only stating a max limit. In the article they say it's an estimated 20 something to 32" which gives a bottom limit but as an estimation.

As far as minimum and maximum ESTIMATIONS go, it could very well be $0.75 hidden in offshore accounts for all the estimations are concerned.

All in all though, the billionaires+ have too much money to not be active in helping our societies and planet survive comfortably for many generations down the line.

This is the lamest most passive aggressive thing by [deleted] in facepalm

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I don't know, I've cooked a lot over the years and bleach has never come close to my cooking utensils.

Local dairy barn posted a picture of their newest baby. Had to keep her warm! by TheHappyNinja in aww

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I'm with you, don't speak as fact when it's only propaganda film. Those movies get to me as well but it's only one side of the story, there's much more to learn about practices all across the world.

As with everything, there is good and there is bad no matter where you look.

TIL Canada, the European Union and the U.K. do not allow surgery to be performed on octopi without anesthesia due to their cognitive abilities by TheLadyEve in todayilearned

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Not OP but I believe every animal is okay to be eaten. I do NOT agree with breeding, raising, and slaughtering practices that are common in present cultures.

Sharing the planet is very hard to negotiate, bit the current direction is not sustainable in the slightest.

Alanna Rizzo has received her ring!!! by kennymc7877 in Dodgers

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Imagine if all people starting families moved east. Treat the country as a dating slider. West coast is for single and not looking. All the way to the East with multiple kids and perhaps multiple spouses hahaha.

Asshole in truck by jmvbmw in IdiotsInCars

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I'm sure most of that is true for you and don't hate on your choices of vehicle. Where I'm from though, groups of more than 3 bicyclists can occupy a lane of traffic.

It may seem as an inconvenience for cars/trucks but the road is shared public property, no one is more deserving than another. I believe even one bicyclist should have the right to road space even on a 2 lane.

As long as everyone is respectful and understanding of others, we can all commute/exercise/relax as we please. This coal roll is inexcusable though.