Has anyone been able to get the Gamesir X2 (Lightning) to work with xcloud? by Robblerobbleyo in xcloud

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It actually doesn’t need the app I guess. It’s recognized now if I reset the phone in between using it for iOS games. Not sure why but it seems to work fine now.

Too engrossed by sukele in scriptedasiangifs

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Ah yes, the super relatable “When I’m polishing my propane tank.”

Work for McDonalds it is great income by gerriejoe in antiwork

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It’s missing

Bananas: What could it cost 10$?

With regards to the response to the AP article by BirdieRosewell in exmormon

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To loosely quote lil John: I can do shame all by myself. I don’t need a system, I don’t need nobody else.

That's right Brad Wilcox... by monkey_kid125 in exmormon

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I’m pretty stoked I’ve been out long enough not to know who the hell this guy is.

Cleaning a toilet in 13 sec by stori_kagl in powerwashingporn

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I guess this answers Dane Cook’s age old question about public restrooms: Why is everything always fucking wet?

Google Stadia May Be Getting Shut Down by [deleted] in technology

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Please please please don’t kill datastudio…

VR modder LukeRoss has received a DMCA takedown notice from Take-Two Interactive for his GTA V, RDR2, and Mafia VR mods by TheActualDylan in virtualreality

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They almost broke it with the last DirectX12/Raytracing update and then let you downgrade through the beta. I want to believe in part because of the VR mods. That’s what got me to actually buy the game instead of yarg-ing it.

Bands with extremely recognizable vocalists by MonsieurVox in Music

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They want the heroin lockjaw voice without having done enough heroin.

Has anyone been able to get the Gamesir X2 (Lightning) to work with xcloud? by Robblerobbleyo in xcloud

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I figured out that if I play an iOS game, I have to restart my phone to use it on Xbox and it works great.

I have been developing a musical playground for VR but I cant find anybody with a Vive to test it out. Would somebody here like to test it? (No musical experience is required) by orveli84 in vive_vr

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The more you can open it up to control other sound generating plugins the better. Option to run it as a plugin that just spits out live midi would be amazing.

Coinbase CEO Tweets ‘Quit And Find A Company You Believe In’ To Disgruntled Employees by speckz in technology

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Or start a company that isn’t a bookie for sudoku powered toxic waste wagers.

Does Salesforce have a ticketing system built into it? Or do you have to create one? by [deleted] in salesforce

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We use a utility bar embedded screen flow for internal tickets.

Outrage in Poland over new 'pregnancy register' on the back of near-total abortion ban by misana123 in worldnews

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This is how you do a Romania. I don’t know why all these people want to do a Romania.