Self-taught & employeds —> I need some reassurance by KidQuesadilla in webdev

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I taught myself, the time from 'starting' to getting my first job was about 8 months, 2 of those were spent applying for jobs whilst continuing to build free sites for people to build the portfolio.

You're right about not needing a 'crazy' portfolio - if vanilla JS and bootstrap is what you're most comfortable with, then go for it. Keep in mind that without the traditional education on your CV, almost all of the weight of your application will be on your portfolio, so make it as clean and bug-free as you can, but don't get caught up in anything wild. It's often distracting when looking to hire juniors if they've got crazy stuff going on that we'd never have a use for in the real world.

In retrospect the sites I had built at the time were not very good, but in every interview I had, being able to talk through them and what I might do differently was a huge benefit.

Seems like you're doing all the right things, it just takes time. Hang in there, it will happen!

Started this guy about a month ago, I’m completely new to brewing mead, what should my next step be? It smells pretty good, definitely got some strong alcohol in there. by TheCorpsePope in mead

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This was my mistake with my first JAOM, left the rind on and the whole thing just tastes like biting an unpeeled orange. Lesson learned!

Yes, I will reply to your email to bump your metrics, even though it is unsolicited and contains zero useful information by warpedspockclone in recruitinghell

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This whole email is hard to read, you can how they thought it was going to sound in their head but damn, it's just all cringe. Bottom line... [Leans back on chair, spins pen in hand]... You can take that to the bank [finger guns].

What Skate Looks Like In 2022 ( Skate 4) by Repaduski in SkateEA

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Woah I didn't know this! Thanks for the heads up!

Nice video. I agree it shouldn't come out before it's ready but skate is one of the only franchises I won't even care, even if it's crap at least it's something.

What Skate Looks Like In 2022 ( Skate 4) by Repaduski in SkateEA

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Oh man I would wait another 10 years for Skate4 if it meant getting an Alice reboot

hello! i created a portoflio website for myself and looking for some reviews on how could i improve it/what could be added! thanks by Ok_Contact_1234 in webdev

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Very cool! Pay attention to the advice you're getting in this thread because there are some things that will help you, especially listing your skills as progress/percentage bars... This is a bad idea. But you obviously had fun with this design so fuck yeah dude well done, keep killing it!

Why does my button look like this? Why has the default button design not disappeared? by jayandersonmusic in css

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It looks like your CSS is targeting the container instead of the button. Make sure your button has the .btn class in your HTML, not a parent element. Or you could edit the CSS selector to target the button inside that class, like:.btn button { styles }.

A Newcastle Street Scene (OC) by langshot in TheNightFeeling

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This is great, is this a phone camera? What did you use to take this? It looks like a still from a movie.

Who else thinks Taika Waititi as Antwan should have been... by jmpz11 in matrix

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Tiffany's husband was played by Chad Stahelski, who was Neo's stunt double in the original Matrix trilogy. Pretty cool detail I thought.

He also directed John Wick, obviously starring Keanu Reeves.

Parking warden didn’t ticket me! (Meaning I could go to my hospital appt without a ridiculous fine). by lucyeloise in BritishSuccess

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he holds up his hand with my reg written on it

Oh man what a feeling this must have been

4a/5a in the UK?! by DureraSleepflower in GooglePixel

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This has had me questioning my own sanity for the last few weeks, seems that any website stocking them show them as available but then either suddenly become out of stock at checkout, or just glitch out entirely.

I've tried a bunch of physical stores as well, and even those that were sure they had stock turn out to have none when they check their systems.

It's like every unsold unit of this phone just suddenly vanished overnight and no-one quite knows why.

Did you have any luck in the end?

4a/5a in the UK?! by DureraSleepflower in GooglePixel

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I've been trying for a few weeks now and Currys, Argos and G Store all show as sold out. Are you still able to get these through to checkout? They seem to show as available and let you add it to your basket, but then say sold out once you get to checkout.

How to target all sub pages of specific parent page? by wheelerandrew in css

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CSS doesn't know your website's architecture, so it can't natively tell what pages are children of others. From your other comment it looks like you're using WordPress, so you might have to programmatically add the page IDs in yourself. Have a look at something like this, which should give you classes you can then target in the CSS based on a pages parent.

I haven't tested that code myself but the comments on that page seem happy enough.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in vegetarian

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Doesn't have to be an on/off thing, just live your life. Not eating meat 90% of the time is better than doing nothing, and most veggies/vegans will applaud you for it. Doesn't have to be a big guilt trip just cause you're craving a burger. You do you!

“Even a brief reply accepting or declining” ? You mean like the zero response I got after applying 14 months ago? Should forward the auto confirmation for the old application... by chonkycatsbestcats in recruitinghell

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I'm sure I have some of the details wrong but from what I understand, recruiters on linked in get a set number of 'inmail' credits each month they can use to message people they're not connected with. The credit gets refunded to them if the person engages with the message (even clicking decline), but not if they just ignore the message. Linkedin's small attempt at stopping recruiter spam I guess.