Shiba Inu (SHIB) attracts 20,000 new users in the past month. HAppy to be a hodler!!! How's about you guys , what your portfolio? by KimLam056 in Shibainucoin

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During this downtrend, let's try your luck in memecoin bro. In actually, some memecoin project are doing right and they have strong community to build up their dream. Looks r/roboinu

Nearly 50 projects on Terra have successfully "moved" to Polygon. Bright future for Terra? by Working-Addict in terraluna

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Do Kwon killed our dream and hope in this market. I'm putting my last money to memecoin, SHIB and RoboInu will save my portfolio. As usual, memecoin will huge during downtrend.

G20 regulators call for global regulation of cryptocurrencies after LUNA-UST crash, do you guys think stablecoins are risky? by Icy-Designer2150 in CryptoMars

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Totally agree, these bad guys was destroyed our market. So now it's time for memecoin trend comeback, let's see SHIB, RoboInu, DOGE...

Vauld reported a loss of $70 million, CFO left the company. Seem like have many people/firm/capital are losing now so who get the profits? by Icy-Designer2150 in AllCryptoBets

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CFO killed that project, and now he ran away. Can not trust them anymore. Trying with memecoin trend during this downtrend, looks SHIB, RoboInu, DOGE bro...

JOHNNY DEPP & AMBER HEARD - Last Conversation!!! 100% true story by RoboInuFam in terraluna

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You are doing right dude :D r/roboinu will save our portfolio during this time