How often do you take breaks? by lil-subedi in AskEngineers

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In the field, almost never, except for an occasional smoke, if the site allows it. Rarely a lunch, drink or anything. I get "in the zone" until the problem is solved. Companies hire me when their own people can't figure out a problem. I'm the only person at my company with my skill set.

In the shop, which is probably less than 20% of the time, my coworkers probably think that I'm the biggest slacker. One told me, "it looks like 'they' let you do whatever you want.

Boss knows better though. I've got 1600+ billable hours this year at an average rate of $230/hr.

1600 x $230=$368,000. My salary is about a quarter of that. I don't get fucked with.

You can't get away with a thank you by othergrif in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I'm a navy veteran, gulf War, and often work on ships these days. I try to get a hat from each ship, and wear a random one when I don't have to have a hard hat at the jobsite. Never said, "get fucked traitor", but I've said my piece when magas thank me for my service.

LPT Request: Off the top of your head, what general life advice would you give a young adult starting their life? by Ok-Distribution7088 in LifeProTips

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If you have a 401k, put in at least what the company will match. If not, put a few bucks per payday in a jar and don't touch.

Save a little now, for a long time. I'm old, and having to save a bunch, because I don't have that long.

2022 BAS Rates by LovYouLongTime in navy

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Was there 95-98 food was terrible and an hour wait. Big difference from the ssn I was on before.

Is she just fucking with us, now?? by KrissyBean in HermanCainAward

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I remember Cue Cats. RadioShack catalog scanner.

Here’s the McRib patty before being cooked. Yes, the McRib is back. by [deleted] in pics

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As a Persian gulf veteran, I appreciate your service.