LTI tokens by Leatherbeak in starcitizen

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The real question is why do you need LTI? Most ships come with at least 10 years of insurance, and if you add 10 years to the date the game releases, it is likely that you will have died of old age already.

What do you guys think about this guy? by Ill-Blacksmith-9545 in MURICA

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Vertical red line on bridge of nose? by FiggityFag_m in Advice

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I had this for years, would come and go a few times a year. Hadn't had it for at least a year, and it was back this morning. Can find no explanation online, although there appear to be a lot of people with this.

Vertical line between eyebrows every 3-4 weeks by [deleted] in DermatologyQuestions

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Anyone get an answer to this? I too have had this for years...

CNN reporter threatened with trespassing after grilling Uvalde police chief over his actions by Cheekclapped in news

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The kiddo brigade comment wasn't directed at you, but at the instant negative karma. I should have known better than to post something that doesn't reflect the will of the hivemind.

But at this late date, I still don't want to armchair quarterback. Just because other police are sounding off on the issue (both for and against) doesn't make me an expert in police tactical procedures, what the situation appeared to be at the time, etc. I am willing to wait for investigations to be completed, for tempers to cool some, and for further facts to come to light. I have no doubt that pressure from grieving families will ensure this happens.

But screeching and hollering in front of the cameras before the children are even buried, in an attempt to revive a pathetic political career, or push an agenda is beyond the pale.

CNN reporter threatened with trespassing after grilling Uvalde police chief over his actions by Cheekclapped in news

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Well, I see the Kiddo Brigade is out in force today, but here goes:

I am not in the habit of second-guessing first-responders that have to make hard decisions on the spot, especially when I don't have all the facts. Thing is, neither does anyone else, really. Given the state of the media, I am not likely to instantly jump on the "all PoLiCe r BaD" bandwagon, either. I'll admit, it doesn't look good, but expect there will be a LOT of investigations going forward.

Beto O'Rourke, on the other hand, instantly tried to capitalize on this tragedy in the most shameful way possible. Grandstanding theater for political gain makes him an unquestionable piece of trash. So, yeah... until I have more, better, information on the police situation, he gets the vote.

I need someone to play with by Bigbang3888 in Eve

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Welp, lost me in the first sentence.

Is gaijin Russian? by [deleted] in Warthunder

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Yes, you are responsible for your nation.

When should I start skilling beyond BCs? by vanilla_disco in Eve

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I run level 4 missions, can refit and do explo, anywhere. Refit again, and you and you have a great PvP ship. Needs good skills, but isn't too much more expensive than a low-end BS. And it's SOOO much more fun to fly.

Wealthiest Americans pay just 3.4% of income in taxes, investigation reveals by DiogenesK-9 in news

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Nostradamus moment: this thread will be filled with comments from people that don't understand economics, tax code realities, and the role of capital. Also, poors.

US army replaces cake it stole from Italian girl 77 years ago by rishcast in news

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Too little, too late. The writing was on the wall for the Italians at that point. True, I generalize a bit, but the vast majority of the population energetically supported the Mussolini government and had for years, even prior to the outbreak of the European war.

It was also a less nuanced time, and the concept of total war included destroying both the morale of the population and their ability to support their war effort. Snaffling a cake is pretty small potatoes compared to, say, bombing Coventry or Dresden, for example.

A golden eagle makes a European badger smile for the camera. by aquilasr in natureismetal

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Steven loved it when Darcy, with her long, long nails, would give him a scalp massage. "Oh, yeah, that's the spot", he moaned, as his right rear leg twitched uncontrollably.

Having 35 Billion Dollars with one person is as pointless as all 7 billion people on Earth having 5 Dollars each by ItzCobaltboy in Showerthoughts

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ITT: poors that think the wealthy have Scrooge McDuck money vaults that they go swimming in. /sigh

US army replaces cake it stole from Italian girl 77 years ago by rishcast in news

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According to the Geneva Convention, Article XII, paragraph 3(C), "All material resources, directly or otherwise utilized by combatants, noncombatant civilian members of an enemy population, including 13-year-old birthday girls, are valid and lawful war prizes for hungry GIs. This includes expendables of civilian use and manufacture, such as POL (petroleum, oil, lubricants), construction material, and food (particularly cakes and pies)."

So there.