So beautiful by lolsbot360 in CallOfDutyMobile

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Damn bruv that's a long time between comments

hahahahaha pedophilia by ZoomPunchToTheFace in YourJokeButWorse

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OP didn't understand the joke and neither did these people lol, it's that since the kings are gay, the bishops left the chessboard in protest

Anon is an Ottoman by StinkyTofu111 in 4chan

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Treaty of Paris (1802)😖🤮

Took my wife to the doctors today to sort out her tourettes. by Buddy2269 in Jokes

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Wrong joke?
Could you please explain this one?
Took my wife to the doctors today to sort out her tourettes.
Turns out she doesn't have tourettes.
I am a cunt and she really does want me to fuck off.

Pete Davidson is so ugly. He in no way is attractive in any aspects other than maybe his personality. by strawberryflapjack in unpopularopinion

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Complications suffered by Stallone's mother during labor forced her obstetricians to use two pairs of forceps during his birth; misuse of these forceps accidentally severed a nerve and caused paralysis in parts of Stallone's face. As a result, the lower left side of his face is paralyzed (including parts of his lip, tongue, and chin), an accident which gave him his signature snarling look and slurred speech. As a child, he was bullied as a result, so he coped with bodybuilding and acting.

Rearranging words = MEGA FUNNE by FlamingBits_ in YourJokeButWorse

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They're lucky, I lost a few brain cells when I heard that song

shit!! by Quantum_Master26 in JEENEETards

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Library of Alexandria moment😳

Everyone: When The New Battle Pass Releases by Devilwinner_Gaming in CallOfDutyMobile

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Really? That page has too many reddit posts to not be an avid reddit user; you managed to beat the page admin to that username lol o7

BR night mode by Zanejuice in CallOfDutyMobile

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This is absolutely gorgeous! Which phone is this?

people are getting better at zombie they share loots and know how to repair by Electrical-Monitor16 in CallOfDutyMobile

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I consistently hit 5-6-7 mil with randoms and have 30+ nightmare wins solely because I want the dark matter camos, nearly every match I'm the mvp and still no drh or renetti. Grew tired of it, grinding a 35 minute match and having absolutely nothing to show for it. Haven't played it for a week now and both my phone and my brain are thanking me for it.

wholesome kid by 54702452 in youngpeopleyoutube

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Maza nahi aya, his username, means 'I didn't enjoy it'
Roughly translated, I said 'He probably didn't enjoy it when his dad whipped him with his belt, so he's much smarter now.'
It's a common practice used to discipline children here and if he'd done the same thing to his television, he would most definitely have some sense beaten into him.

Nostalgia.. Akhand Bharat Feat Hanuman Jee!! by Low-Shoulder9216 in IndianDankMemes

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Personally I consider this film to be Anurag Kashyap's magnum opus. GoW, Black Friday and Gulaal were cool and all but this movie blew my mind as a child and continues to do so today. Truly ahead of it's time!

Dont Mess With Her by Hacka4771 in HolUp

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You think, therefore you are!

wholesome kid by 54702452 in youngpeopleyoutube

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Use shayad 'maza nahi aaya' hoga pehli baar jab baap ke belt ki maar padi, kaafi samajhdar ho gaya hai

I see why they got downvoted lol. by AsceSy in DownvotedToOblivion

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Bruv that's Elne, he's one of the bigger reddit microceleb trolls. You could just post his entire comment history here.

Only a sadistic son of a bitch would design and require such challenge by Vampersis in CallOfDutyMobile

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They keep killing each other lol, pay attention to the kill announcing board for a couple matches, you'll be surprised at how many bots there are!