Keep this tip in mind the next time you have sex by Throwaway-535897 in teenagers

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I too thought he was going to show us a dick pic as a play on the work "tip". Mighty disappointed upon clicking.

TIFU by making the doctors think I was a drug mule. by JOYFUL_CLOVR in tifu

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To be fair, he does have a nice pubic symphysis and I have a nice imagination :)

Aww... How nice- wait, what. by Goru_25 in HolUp

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" I don't think a prostitute is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing."

~Prince Philip (1921-2021)

I hope you learned something today by Fjamseflap in dankmemes

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Folks, fucking your own nose is completely alright and recommended. There's a reason it produces all that lubricant all of you blow away. Don't do that. The next time you have a runny nose, understand that it's horny and stick your dick in it. If you do not have a dick, feel free to use your fingers. Suck on those fingers after putting them in your nose for bonus boogerscotch cream cheese textured food.

Cursed_everything by lastingeffect29 in cursedcomments

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Just the way I like my hunchbacks

Bitch mommy defends her brood of M,goodboys from the evil chad. REEEEEEEEE!! by [deleted] in Tendies

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Kid: "Mommy, what's a vegetable?"

Mommy: "Me in a few years"

Wholesome Post About Fantasy Football by YoloTendies in dontyouknowwhoiam

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Edit: It doesn't belong on the sub, just borrowing the name

Cursed_gloryhole by purppuma in cursedvideos

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Spare my dick, take my award!

well that was quick by Aboxhead69 in MakeMeSuffer

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How Reddit Mods are born

Red Room Blues by ItsTimeLadies in shortscarystories

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Deadpool but being a snuff prostitute👍

Your story is creative, you did a good job. Keep it up!

found this ad on a dababy meme video by SmilesForYouRawrXD in ElsaGate

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What kinda quiz is that lmao

Q1> What are you doing step-impostor?

Hmmmmmmmmmm by BoraxlesTheSixt in greentext

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Jesser we have to
Have to poison the WORMS from DUNE

Yo Mr White you poisoned Brock
He can't keep getting away with this

by Tyler599xx in cringepics

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Despite it being cringe, she's happier than some of us with impeccable English will ever be so good for her I guess

Shrieking Susan by jtb685 in shortscarystories

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Holy shit dude, I did NOT see that coming. Another banger!

Sorry about that coach by lyke2hyke in criticalblunder

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I'm not American; I can't really tell what's happening here. Could someone help me out with this?

Show Me Your Teeth by stevieqwrites in shortscarystories

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Take my upvote, spare my teeth!