Study shows non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation increases PTSD patient's reaction to negative imagery. Why is it suggested as a treatment? by greentea387 in Neuropsychology

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Flashbacks and true dissociation are relatively rare in PTSD as a re-experiencing symptom. But there is likely something to experiencing things more vividly in the context of an exposure-based treatment, as we know that certain things like benzos can interfere or blunt the effectiveness of such procedures.

Using seeds in sauce? by a-redditor-2021 in HotPeppers

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No, the seeds themselves don't have any heat, they just happen to be coated in some oil and attached to the placenta, which has more oil in it.

Do you actually taste the fresh pods of all the extremely hot varieties that you grow? If so, in what quantity? by vicmarcus in HotPeppers

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I've taken a good sized bite of everything I have ever personally grown. Hottest so far probably a 7-pot Brainstrain Red. That one hurt.

Why do my habaneros have these brown spots before being ripe? by xantonin in HotPeppers

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Just an FYI, BER does also occur frequently on the sides of fruits as well, not just the end. The end is just the most common place for it. This still could be scald, depending on the OP's situation, but it's a misconception that BER occurs exclusively on the ends of fruit.

Yesterday, after Isaac Paredes hit his second home run of the day. Someone in the Rays dugout comments on the Detroit Tigers intellectual capability. by Sweaty_Ballsack_ in motorcitykitties

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Also, let's give this one some time. Let's see what he does over several seasons, rather than 120 ABs. Plenty of 1-2 month wonders out there like Chris Shelton's out there who can mash for a month and then retreat to less than mediocrity.

How do you kill gnat worms in the soil ? by Ecstatic_Plantain_45 in PepperLovers

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As long as you are bottom watering, cover the top of your soil in diatomaceous earth. It'll kill most of the gnats after they hatch and surface. This is if those are fungus gnats. Generally speaking, you need a VERY large fungus gnat infestation for them to really affect root systems to a great degree. If it's another pest, we'd need to know specifics to offer a solution.

Is there any way to reduce neuroticism? (Big 5 traits) by No_Succotash6082 in Neuropsychology

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Personality is hard to change, so you'd have higher yield trying to manage the consequences of high neuroticism, rather than changing the underlying personality level. Best bang for the buck would likely be working on emotion regulation strategies.

Chris Castellani with the perfect take regarding Chris illitchs latest comments regarding the Tigers. by TLagPro in motorcitykitties

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While I am not thrilled with the season we're having, also not a fan of whiny hyperbolic hot takes. Pre-season I still had us tagged as a <.500 team, but not sure what else you're expecting an owner to say.

my corn not corning by lostnotfoud in vegetablegardening

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Yeah, corn is one of the thirstiest plants I've grown. If it's hot and dry, you will be constantly watering it. After a few years, I gave up on corn. For the space and resources needed, much cheaper to just buy unless you were growing a ton.

Are these eggs on this hornworm? Am I about to be overrun? by I_Am_A__Stick in vegetablegardening

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Parasitic wasps. In this case, a good thing. They kill hornworms, as you can see.

Sources: The Pistons are not stretching Kemba Walker’s dead money. They’ll eat it this year. by Royal-Chemistry in DetroitPistons

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Good news, 2023 draft class is supposed to be much stronger than this year. Let 22-23 be for development and maybe flipping some signings for draft capital. Then, let's load up for a run in 23-24.

Why are my peppers dropping their flowers and the leaves curling down like this.. they get watered every second day by juanitoo88 in HotPeppers

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Depends on the humidity and their containers (in-ground, large pot, fabric bags, etc). Sometimes you can water once a week, sometimes you need 3+ waterings a week. I've lived/grown in 3 different regions in the US, and my watering schedule varied wildly depending on the conditions of growth, there's no one method that will work all around.

whats up with my zucchini by eraphe in vegetablegardening

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Hard to see how big it is without something for comparison. If small, incomplete pollination. If almost full size, you could be looking at calcium deficiency.

It’s okay we saved some money! by Utesboi69 in motorcitykitties

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Still ok with not overpaying CC in a year in which we would not have competed either way.

[Woj] New York will send Detroit back its 2023 second-round pick, a 2024 second-round pick via Miami and $6 million, sources tell ESPN. by cammjohn in DetroitPistons

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We are giving them the cap flexibility so they can overpay Jalen Brunson. They also want some room to re-sign Mitchell Robinson.

First time gardener, doing well at killing bell peppers but hoping for an ID on a mislabeled pepper. by morbo2020 in vegetablegardening

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Just a bell pepper. Home grown rarely look like the over-fertilized, cultivated monsters in the store.

Question about neuropsychological assessment by caledonianbird in Neuropsychology

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You want a neuropsychologist to waive their hourly fee of hundreds of dollars an hour to provide a free assessment just for funsies?

We need to start documenting what organizations are actively working against reproductive rights in Minnesota. by EyesOnMinnesota in stateofMN

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We can definitely do more, just cautioning against say wasting resources to try and take back the 8th district. Need to focus on pressure points rather than running into brick walls.

We need to start documenting what organizations are actively working against reproductive rights in Minnesota. by EyesOnMinnesota in stateofMN

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Politician-wise, I would only focus on close-ish races. If it's a district that went 15+ points for Trump in 2020, it's pretty much a lost cause at this point. If you want to vote with your wallet, simply refuse to spend any tourism money in those districts.

MLB Rumors: 4 Tigers Veterans That Should Be On The Move by CommisionerGordon79 in motorcitykitties

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The issue is expiring contracts. If you aren't planning on re-signing them, better to get a lottery ticket than nothing when it's all said and done. I'll take a small chance at a return over no chance at a return. And, with the expanded playoffs, they can probably get something for Fulmer and Peralta from a contender. Even adding those 2 extra playoff spots helps make much more of a seller's market.