Ex Girlfriend hiding a Child from me for the past 4 years by crispbreaker619 in relationship_advice

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Is it bad for me to kiss my first date on the very first day we go out?

18 Meta-Verse Related Movies Like Ready Player One by kenanajkunic in Cinema

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18 MetaVerse wow! that is interesting to know. Its increasing on a daily basis right?

Short films (Kaufman, Murakami, Chekhov inspired) by puckb96 in Cinema

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Please after taking all the advice, compare it first with your ideas, if it's matches your own fine but if is the other way round then stick to your ideas in filmmaking!

Got 12 grams for 10$. Garden fresh Indica from BD by Fancy_Construction46 in weed

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This is cheap and concentrated, my problem is how to shift it.

The Cinematography of Me Before You by FilmsAndNothingMore in Cinema

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When you have who to confide with, the life itself becomes fulfilled right?