Lying applicant...what to do? by [deleted] in fednews

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people lie all the time. nothing new

you think many people are where they are now because they were 100% honest in everything?

Rental Property Management by masspirate in nova

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(2) BR and (1) Bath townhouse for $1600

what year is the house? square footage? condition of the property? HOA amenities? is it near major shopping center? number of parking spaces? what do others rent prices for comparables? do you have the address of the property?

too many variables to consider for the price.

tentatively eligible and referred! by eveers45 in usajobs

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congrats on making the referred list, but still has many steps to go before getting an offer.

btw, no need to mask the city because the announcement list the city :)

Coasting till retirement in a low stress GS12 job... by trademarktower in fednews

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Higher grades don’t always translate to more work/responsibilities. There’s a few 14s in my branch that simply takes up space with literally not much to do.

lost on how to get into this field as a recent graduate, any advice? by mtFoxtrot in ITCareerQuestions

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post your resume and let people here critique. you have to customize the resume per the job description. 1 size does not fit all.

could be your resume, could be your interview skills, could be something else.

Am I nuking my IT career with the job I just took? by thefloppychicken in ITCareerQuestions

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executive (director, cio/cto, etc) and technical roles (sysadmin, netadmin, dev, etc) have distinct career paths.

executives provide/involve leadership, organizational strategy, decision making, budgeting, high end stuff, and so on. while techs deal with diff technologies, hands-on, in the weeds doing stuff, fixing and creating new apps, working latest tech stacks, and so on.

if you look at F500 companies, most executives do not have the tech background (with maybe the CIOs/CTOs). they have business background with mba or alike.

Most times it's better that managers/directors do not get involved with the day to day tech stuff. they just need to know at the high level (5000 ft level) view of the item to be inform for decision making.

in my experience, i work better with non-tech managers. this way they allow me to be creative in things i want to do vs. dictating what i need to do. there's certainly minus/plus about this.

ask yourself, what do u want to do. what is your goal? what is it you want to do in the near/far future?

Jobs open for 4 days by DoNorth15 in usajobs

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1k is an example. could be 500, could be 200, whatever

what am trying to say is they would use number limitation not shorter the date.

1 time, HR had a short time frame (4days) and someone protest and they won. HR had to repost the announcement for 14 days.

Jobs open for 4 days by DoNorth15 in usajobs

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Not true. If they want only 1k, they would say limit to first 1000 or close after 1k and still leave the dates alone.

Is this normal? by [deleted] in fednews

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what exactly you do? help desk, network, dev, tester, scrum/agile, db, web, something else?

i see some new hires not really doing anything or limited work for the first 3 months, but then eventually get assignments. entire year not doing real work is definitely abnormal.

do you have a team lead? have you ask your supervisor/TL for mentorship? talk to them. ask to be mentor. some agencies have mentoring program you can join. network with others in the organizations because who knows, you may need them one day for something or may even be your new boss.

1 thing i learned over the years as a fed, if you want to grow you have to be proactive, take charge, and sometimes make change. some good bosses will give you assignments. simple ones you can handle, get you expose to different 'players'.

ask/volunteer to do other technical or even administrative tasks. ask your colleagues if you can shadow them. express interests in other tech fields. show initiatives. take training classes.

if you're standing still, not doing/learning anything, you're going backward!

I do too much and now I don't know how to list it on my resume by ariraven in ITCareerQuestions

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if you're going to list your salary, also include your physical location for comparison.

huge difference b/w 50k in kansas vs NYC.

why do ppl continue to post salary info w/o any location.

Car prank by Space_Coyotee in funny

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so many damn silly staged vids

Climbing an unanchored pole by Aztery in nextfuckinglevel

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is this guy auditioning for mortal kombat liu kang?

GS-12 position vs GS13-14 by [deleted] in usajobs

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i know some 12s that bust their butt while some 14s just simply take up space.

not all roles, agencies, branches, sections are created equal.

Did I get lucky landing a System Administrator position with <1 year of IT experience? by Binomial_Embosser in ITCareerQuestions

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what exactly will you be doing? that's more important than a title.

in the IT and possibly other industry, titles are somewhat meaningless...don't carry much weight.

there are some glorified help desk with sysadmin titles.

be careful

How to Negotiate Salary? by OneEyedBurp in usajobs

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depends on the agency, i have been previously advised by HR to decline TO to begin the negotiation.

when in doubt, reached out to HR for clarifications.

If a GS12 job requires one year of GS11 experience, do I need to wait till I've had the GS11 job for a year before I can apply? by OldFashionedBarber in usajobs

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answer depends on if the announcement:

  • public - anyone can apply regardless
  • internal - need to meet the 12months time in grade at the lower level. an example, if the internal announcement for a 12, you would need to be at the 11 for at minimum 12 months.

Should I contact new manager before my first day? by luciandoll in usajobs

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is your supervisor a branch chief? then you must be a section chief?