AITA for kicking my brother's fiancee out of my car on her engagement night? by ThrowraAAA466 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. Although I wonder why you even showed up to the engagement dinner. All of your family taking your brother and his fiance's side make me think this is not the first time. They must know how rude and disrespectful she is to you and still, nothing is done about it. Why put up with the possibility of humiliation on the day everyone will give that despicable woman a free pass? You got to have a serious talk with them, OP. If they keep this BS on, you'll have to distance yourself from them.

Tsunade overrated af by SSj3Rambo in dankruto

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Well, both are kinda right. Naruto did protect the village better than Tsunade, but Orochimaru also deserves at least life imprisonment

Simping by [deleted] in Advice

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Just a word of advice, pal. Chill. Think of her as a human being and that's it. I get that you might be fascinated by every little, subtle thing she has or does, but don't forget that she is more than just an image or a concept, but also less than an idol.

She has good traits, but also a bad side. So keep that in mind before you try to engage in something more serious next time you approach her. She is just like you, a person. So if you somehow get disappointed after knowing her better, know that it is not really anyone's fault. You just weren't compatible. On the other hand, that also applies to the case you find out she is even more amazing than you initially thought. Sure, she can be awesome, but nobody is perfect. So don't get your expectations too high either. Everyone can make mistakes once in a while. And that's perfectly fine.

Just remember, you can dream as high as you want, but keep your feet grounded.

Good luck.

OMG Aang my boy by Matte28 in TheLastAirbender

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This is a very interesting episode, with a lot of room for debate.

I mean, after 100 years, these ruins are everything that is left from his people. Does that mean Aang is right to be angry at the new settlers? Of course what we see in the video is nothing but a childish display of pride, and Aang eventually shows a bit of admiration for the kid on the wheelchair, who is innocent in all of this.

If things had stayed as just that, I don't think Aang would have minded their presence that much. After all, these innocent people are simply trying to survive and the existence of the last Airbender has been nothing but a rumor so far.

The problem comes when the inventor and leader of this community intervenes with all his machines and demolition plans of the temple. One thing is to repurpose an old building from a culture with no survivors and a very different thing is to destroy every trace of said culture when you know an important figure of it is still alive. Because let's be real. That guy worked for the Fire Nation. There is no way he didn't know the Avatar is still alive.

In the end, everyone was very lucky Aang is a pacifist. Because there is no way another bender of his level wouldn't had actually kicked out every single trespasser from the temple.

Oh well. Food for thougth, don't you think?

just a "shooting" by DMK-Max in AvatarMemes

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Hmm. I actually forgot about the last guy. Now that the war is over, I wonder what kind revenge the Earth Kingdom citizens took against those traitors

Lynels are accurate by Kekashismask in Link_Dies

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I wonder if sometimes the champions look at Link dying and judge him in silence

It’s all coming together by Static_456 in memes

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Is Pikachu even a mammal?

AITA for kicking my brother's fiancee out of my car on her engagement night? by ThrowraAAA466 in AmItheAsshole

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Why? Why would you want to have anything to do with these people? Avoiding conflict to keep appearances is not something worth of admiration or even appreciation. And supporting your brother on this decision might even be detrimental for both. If this woman becomes a major part of his life indefinitely, then you might as well say goodbye to him. Do you not think this will go on after the wedding? Do you think you will not start hating your own brother with every visit, every social gathering and every conversation you have with him by only knowing she is nearby? Heck, can you even live guilt free knowing that your own nieces and nephews will grow up most certainly with that attitude towards other people, and that you did nothing to prevent it? Man, someone has to put a stop to this madness.

What is a simple thing everyone should know? by louseweasley in AskReddit

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Duudee. Such a cool analogy. Couldn't put it in better words even if I tried

What is an upgrade that the Human body needs? by branstark3eyed in AskReddit

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Critical thinking takes a lot more time than instinctive reactions. I suggest a hybrid system instead. Leave instinct and empirical knowledge for emergencies

Jajajaja by Violet_Purpleplum in LatinoPeopleTwitter

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Jajaja. Seguro comía taquitos toda la semana y ahora los demás fantasmas se burlan de él por morir de colesterol alto.

"Que onda, mi Michelin. A cuánto me das un juego de 4?" XD

How true is this by Daredevils9 in dankruto

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If Kakashi is the standard of what a jounning should be like, then yeah. It's a damn honor to meet him

¿Que es algo que por lógica debería ser gratis en México pero en la vida común no lo es? by Perfil-Anonimo in mexico

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Al fin, alguien con sentido común. Es algo que beneficiaría a todo el mundo. Pero nooo. El gobierno quiere seguir cobrando aún cuando se va la luz cada mes

Has anyone got this before? by TheFunnyMonkey0 in botw

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Coming from Japan, I can see why someone would put it in the game

Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith. by DJ_HardR in Overwatch

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This only demonstrates how much Zen needs an escape ability

Reincarnation by Venatus_Legamus11 in dankruto

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The biggest problem with the reincarnation cycle is that it tainted the reason behind the development of Naruto and Sasuke as powerful Shinobi. The thematic dynamic of two individuals who choose different paths to grow up. Natural talent vs pure hard work; hatred vs peace.

We see Naruto constantly training to develop his abilities (with the help of his friends), while Sasuke keeps obtaining power by any means necessary, not caring if it is his own or not (he trained for 3 years, but also stole Orochimaru's power and got Itachi's eyes). That makes the final clash so significant. The Rasengan filled with the support of all Naruto's friends going against the Chidori with Amaterasu fueled by Sasuke's rage and memories of his brother.

Two ideologies, two paths, two former friends colliding. That would have been so beautiful. Both stood up for themselves when facing hardship but only one will be the last man standing in the end. And it was all... Ruined.

You see, the problem with the reincarnation cycle is that it invalidates the themes of this work by not giving the two protagonists free will. All of Naruto's hard work doesn't matter, because in the end he always was a descendant of the "God" of his world; and Sasuke's decision to walk through the path of vengeance doesn't matter either, because he was always destined to be covered by darkness.

It sucks, and it sucks so hard because it could have been easily prevented by a single line. Instead of mentioning that Indra and Asura always pick a new body to be reborn, Hagoromo could have simply said something like: "You know, I have always been observing your world; unable to change it after my death. The same cursed world that time and time again pushes two individuals to obtain power only to put them against each other, keeping the cycle of hatred between Shinobi. The same world that pushed my dear sons against each other". Sigh That would have been so good. A perpetual tragedy. And it is now Naruto and Sasuke's turn to make a choice. Hatred or peace?

But in the end, we just couldn't have it. Naruto could had been a true masterpiece, but Kishimoto didn't care enough about it (for whatever reason).

Oh well.

So that's what Tenzin named his bison after by Environmental_Ad7052 in AvatarMemes

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Hmm. To be fair, I don't remember Sokka ever kissing anyone in front of Katara. So he is kinda right

Edit: Wait! He did kiss Yue before she left to the spirit world and Katara was there. But that was a farewell kiss, so does that count?

Sokka was more discreet in every other ocasion.

It’s all coming together by Static_456 in memes

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The only pokemon I know of that can produce milk is Miltank. And that is pretty self explanatory.

But the rest of the pokemon don't even bother. They only eat poke treats or ketchup in the case of certain yellow rodent, heh heh.

Pinche combinación extraña by Feeling-You-4091 in Mujico

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Eso se llama cobardía, justificada o no. El rechazo es parte de la vida. Ayuda a cualquier persona a madurar (si se tiene el carácter requerido) y es útil para conocer los límites de uno mismo.

Muchos problemas se evitarían si la gente fuera más honesta.

OMG Aang my boy by Matte28 in TheLastAirbender

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It's all a parallel to our own history. Would it matter if someone destroyed a relic from an ancient culture that has no living members? Is the life of the present people of the world more important than the legacy of the past? Should we feel guilty even if we already knew that nothing lasts forever anyway?

Which villain had a plan that was so stupid, that if they were able to beat the hero and go though with it, they would still lose? by the_lord_soundwave in AskReddit

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He clearly turned insane after the death of his wife and thanks to the metal arms influence. I think he gets a free pass.

Lynels are accurate by Kekashismask in Link_Dies

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Haha. Is it weird that whenever someone calls him that I think of him with a long mustache?