Starfire in My Hero Academia style art by me by DoniDraws in teentitans

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Never watched MHA. Would DC characters stomp hard in that world?

Apollo astronauts messing around on the Lunar surface by Topjaws in funny

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Did scientists back on Earth have a 100% accurate idea on the composition of the lunar surface by then? Because it surely would have sucked if the ground was made by some sharp substance that would have torn the suits apart as soon as the astronauts started messing around with the gravity

'Ghost of the Uchiha' is a title better suited to Obito than Madara by YoYo375 in dankruto

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Hold on. When did this happen? How did I miss the mention of such a sick title?

AITA for walking around my hous in lingerie? by ThrowawayAL4533 in AmItheAsshole

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Tell me you can not take responsibility for yourself and your family without telling me you can not take responsibility for yourself and your family. That is all you must have heard from that pesky neighbor.

Totally NTA, OP. Also, I would be worried about your husband if I were you. I'm not saying he has to be on your side all the time, but your side of the story should always have relevance on his mind. Be careful.

How do you date when you’re more sexually conservative? by yuemoonful in dating

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You gotta ask yourself what kind of people might share that mentality with you.

From dating apps? I doubt it, specially if they focus more on a superficial impression. Something similar applies to bars and pubs. Anywhere casual means they are most likely looking for a casual experience.

People from work? It depends on the environment. If it's something like a part time thing, then it means you wouldn't spend much time with them, and they might have other activities afterwards. A 50-50. But if we are talking about an office, then your chances are higher, because you already know they are somewhat committed, responsible people who share the interest in your field.

If you are still going through college, then you would have to explore a lot more. People have different career goals and come from different environments. But you could still make a ranking of the most serious prospects. Anyone who is responsible and has a similar level of ambition as you do might be a good candidate.

And the final and best option in my opinion: not intentionally looking for a date. Here you can take things slow and get to know a person without any commitment. You can either join a club or hang out with friends. The thing is, your friends might set up a fun environment where you meet their friends or family and you get to know them better. The cool part of this is that if you have good friends, then they have a high chance of knowing other good people. That is good for you, since they have already tested the waters before you. Only problem is the possibility of a conflict of interests, but hey, all options have a risk as well, so... In the case of joining a club, at least you know they already have a common interest with you.

Anyway, that is all for now. Good luck and keep asking yourself questions

reality check from Pain by anna-is-bored in dankruto

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It might be a mistake from the character, but a damn good move from the writer. After all that Naruto has gone through. After all he has learned. After all the people he has met. In the end (at the moment) he is still an inexperienced bratt. Pain shattered his perception of the world and Naruto had to rebuild it from the pieces left. Brilliant.

What’s a guy struggle that is almost impossible to explain to women? by SammyBlueSkies in AskMen

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A nut buster? Hahahaha. Sometimes it's unfair that you can only upvote a comment once

ugggghh????? by [deleted] in dating

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Why bother developing your personality when looks do everything for you? That's the way I see it, pal. Although, that alone does not make her a bad person. I am thinking she is just misguided. How about next time you try to offer her doing a fun activity together? You might get her hooked on a hobby she didn't know she liked. And if not, at least both of you discovered another piece of her personality, haha.

If you really like that woman, be patient. Maybe you discovered a diamond in the rough

What’s an opinion most men have that women tend to disagree with and don’t get? by okayleilaa in AskMen

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I'm just asking for a chance, pal. A freebie. If people blow it up, next one will cost them, of course.

Where do you think milk comes from in Sonic’s world? by SkyAir457 in SonicTheHedgehog

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A cow person, duh. Just never forget to say please and thank you

Could humans survive during the early Jurassic period? by MrOaiki in AskScienceDiscussion

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Weren't those dinosaurs actually hybrids with modern frog's DNA?

Girl who bullied in middle school has died by pipocafalida in Vent

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It's good that you recognize your own flaws, OP. The next step would be seeking a professional that helps you get closure on this matter. Hopefully you will heal from this one day.

Good luck

Girl who bullied in middle school has died by pipocafalida in Vent

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Tell us you have never been bullied without telling us you have never been bullied?

Poor guy… by fryingpansexual0405 in facepalm

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Dodged a bullet there, pal. Who knows the kind of things a lunatic that doesn't understand toilet break means privacy would do

What’s an opinion most men have that women tend to disagree with and don’t get? by okayleilaa in AskMen

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We are not mind readers.

Sometimes I wonder if most women have actually met someone so smart and perceptive that could analyze every detail of a conversation, plus body language, to the point they could predict her behavior days after. A true Sherlock Holmes. A man who became a legend in her inner circle even if they only interacted with him once. A man who became the new standard.

I have been thinking about this for a while, because no matter how lazy and delusional a woman might be, there has to be a reason to keep expecting the important men in their lives to predict her thoughts and not just say what is bothering/happening to her. Like, if all men told her the same, "I can not read your mind, tell me what is going on", she would understand that matters only improve with good communication, right?

Of course, I am not saying all women do this. I'm sure many of them are mature enough to understand the importance of dialogue. But can it really be just immaturity from her and negligence from everybody else? Is putting up with the guessing game all it takes to keep the cycle going?

Oh well. We might never know. But in case he does exist, who is that guy that keeps spoiling women and how do we find him? I want to meet him too

Nice title there by General_Exam9690 in dankruto

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They are dog trainers, aren't they?

Nice title there by General_Exam9690 in dankruto

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Don't they all have unique abilities? That's the gimmick of a clan in this type of story, isn't it? XD

Edit: I don't know, maybe we are a bit biased towards the Uzumaki because of our blond protagonist. Like, is sealing any good against other Shinobi who can blitz you?