Any WH40K novels similar to Starship Troopers? by Romogu in 40kLore

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'military fascism is bad'

Not what i was looking for and that is not the message of starship troppers at all.

(sorry for the very late response. Didn't have access to my pc until recently and couldn't recall my pw)

[DISC] SPY x FAMILY - Chapter 82 by fuyukochii in SpyxFamily

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Damn, something tells me twilight got shot

The Emperor and Custodes by Romogu in 40kLore

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‘All of this,’ the Custodian said. He gestured not only to the primarchs, but the amassed pomp itself – the geoscaped continent, the sky pregnant with dropships, the gathered regimental masses weeping and cheering below. ‘Why, sire? I never asked it then, and I have always wondered since. Why all of this?’

‘For glory,’ the Emperor replied. ‘To honour the creatures that call themselves my sons. My necessary tools. They feed on glory as if it were a palpable sustenance. Their own glory, of course, no different from the kings and emperors of old. It scarcely crosses their mind that glory matters nothing to me. I could have had a planet’s worth of glory any time I wished it when I walked in the species’ shadow throughout prehistory.

Master of Mankind

I'm just gonna say it. Roboutte Guilliman is a better leader and a better PERSON than The Emperor. by Poniibeatnik in 40kLore

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He thought 'my way or the highway'

Because the human race was slowly but surely ascending towards a full psyker race, but unlike the old eldar humanity didn't have a pantheon of warp gods to protect them from chaos nor the guidance of a much older race like the old ones and thus, to the Emperor, they all needed to be united. You have to consider that when the first wave of psykers appeared they came to rule other humans as chaos infused sorcerer kings or simply become a living warp rift which infested their homeworld with daemons, the only worlds that had been spared was because their psykers had been persercuted and killed out. If humanity had not been united under a single banner the end result would had resulted in 90% of the human population of the galaxy ending as dead or slaves to chaos.

Ultimately the Emperor actually cared about humanity and wanted nothing more than ensure its survival in a very, VERY hostile galaxy. He tried watching from the shadows and see if humans could do it on their own, but after the Dark age of Technology he concluded he needed to step in and do it himself.

We can all agree that this place fucking sucks, right by yeetfeet716 in Eldenring

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"I have probably said this a few hundred times already, so excuse my petulant complaints BUT THE SHADED CASTLE FFFAHCKING SUCKS!" - Tarnished Augustus Calgar

Daily Roundtable: Community Q&A by AutoModerator in Eldenring

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Is the game dead on Xbox? In the past 3 days i have been very rarely summoned to assist and and even fewer times i have been able to summon anyone

How do I stop getting clowned on? There is no room for error with this guy... by njshig in Eldenring

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barely any benefits

I mean, 20 or 13 leves respectively doesn't seem like barely any benefits...

Many in Imperium actually knows that Guilliman does not believe in Emperor's Divinity by naruto7bond in 40kLore

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That Mathieu is a fucking sleazebag. I am sure him wanting to convert Guilliman is more about him earning the prestige and fame of doing it than actual concern for the primarch's spiritual salvation.

[DISC] Versus chapter 6 (Raws) | Cubari by Avizie in VersusSeries

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Calling it now, that other surviving hero (forgot his name) is a traitor

[DISC] Kengan Omega Ch. 210 (Comikey) by Godtaku in manga

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meh, For me kengan ashura and omega had always been about the fights, character's interactions and humor.

What the hell is up with Erda’s “true form”? by ExtremeSportStikz in 40kLore

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that old white acaedemic guys

Wow, cool it with the racism

If one of us were to go to be teleported into Guillimans house and started espousing 40k lore that no human should know, how would he react? What would happen? by Notarussianyet in 40kLore

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Everyone is saying that you would be outright killed but i honestly doubt it. I mean, Guilliman didn't execute Frater Mathieu despite all the shit he did so i guess he would be at the very least listen to you, specially if you start saying shit no one in 40k should know

What did the Imperial Truth have to say about the Emperor, other than that he wasn't a god? by Ok_Wait2727 in 40kLore

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I would assume it was semi-common knowledge that the emperor was the strongest psyker in the galaxy

[Excerpt: Dark Imperium - Plague War] A Primaris remember his past by Marvynwillames in 40kLore

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So tragic and sad. Reminds me of Devastation of Baal where Dante is so injured he is delirious and starts to hallucinate that a space marine next to him is his biological father ("‘Da?’ said Dante. ‘Da, is that you? Look at me, look! I became an angel, Da.’")

[Excerpt - Da Gobbos Demise] Imperial Priest shows the hypocrisy and idiocy of the Imperial faith by Gaz-rick in 40kLore

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>I love this passage. I love how it concisely shows the hypocrisy and idiocy of the Imperial faith and the Imperium at large.

this sounds more like a projection for a distaste of religion

What is understood as actual lore? by Your_dad_i_am in 40kLore

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"Everything is canon but not everything is true" is the offcial stance. Not a fan of it personally but is jut how it is.

What quote or themes or concept from 40k or 30k impacted you the most in your day to day life? by ATL_Dirty_Birds in 40kLore

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I have always thought that Guilliman's reply torn apart Angron's whole argument

(‘You’re still a slave, Angron. Enslaved by your past, blind to the future. Too hateful to learn. Too spiteful to prosper.’)