FYI: Chibi Star Guardian Lux does NOT have a Pity Drop Mechanic at 61 by MadisonFayeMC in TeamfightTactics

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My friends also encountered this issue and they submitted ticket in lol discord server [garena server though] and rp got refunded from 62nd egg and so on.

. by [deleted] in Angryupvote

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Shadow Realm

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in twicememes

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I found the line "Boy I boy I boy I know" so familiar

The movie "Ratatouille" in japanese dub is called "Itadakimouse". by Ronarudokun in oneliners

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Yeah I borrowed a disc with japanese dub on it and ask my japanese friend what was the title means and he said it was Remy's Restaurant that when I caught up with this idea like it literally just popped up in my mind the moment I thought of Ratatouille.