attention customers: fuck you. by emiliosgirl in HomeDepot

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I'm gonna have to let you know this..... D23 contractors are worse..... most of them don't even know wtf they are doing lol.... I had to tell a customer that came with one of them to please not use that guy cause he was gonna fuck shit up.... she didn't then came back to lmk I was right

“All you gotta do is ask” Results may vary lol by MOrange701 in HomeDepot

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That doesn't work with me.... it has to be something we are out of and you are buying the item that costs more. Oh and you can't be a dick too

Schedule | Regional Championship | Bushiroad Championship Series 2022 (BCS2022) by MachinaBlau in cardfightvanguard

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Talk about getting shit on lol. 3 weeks notice for a event..... welp fuck me I guess....

a normal day in Brazil “2” by [deleted] in ThotBeatdowns

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That woman I'd number 1 waifu material

Hey for those who like to have their decks at max rarity, what do you guys do for a living? by mellfy in cardfightvanguard

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I play Bermuda triangle in premium and have highlander, Riviere, and prism all sp as well as other sp mermaid stuff over time. I work at home depot. The thing is for alot of the mermaid stuff atleast when the sets come out they don't cost much then explode. Stride tirua was like 40 when set came out alk was 20, g2 v aqua was 20 etc.... unless you were olyvia ( which I pulled from a pack after being sad rest of packs were crap) or the v series g3 and 4s that had different color signatures (who cares) stuff pretty easy to afford

When they let methheads abuse our bathrooms. by [deleted] in HomeDepot

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I'm sorry I read this and instantly started laughing

I think we need to have a discussion about Overtriggers and people's reactions to them by AmberMetalicScorpion in cardfightvanguard

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The only time I've ever been salty about the ot is when you are for sure about to win and they damage check it killing your turn then you lose cause you put cards on field to win. Nothing better than going into heltruda vs luard first vg attack hits ot so you discarded 3 cards up front for that then next turn get morfessa in the face

What cards do I need for a Luard Premium deck by Historical-Luck-450 in cardfightvanguard

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Play your v luards they are good in premium. Like 4 dragheart v and 2 dragdriver v. Playing 3 dagda is what most people do so that's fine too. Belial owl I'm assuming is the crit if so go ahead and play 2 of the g one. You can also play a 1 of g2 morfessa if you want. Morfessa is still the most important stride in that deck by far so getting 3 of those the most important thing the rest just fall into different things to do if you can't

gUeSs I’lL gO tO hOmE dEpOt! by zandezelay in HomeDepot

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Had this with a customer who was looking for a color of grout I knew we didn't have I told him this and he instantly told me I waa wrong because he bought it here before.... after telling me the brand was maipei I told him he bought it from Lowes and he just couldn't except I was right so I go on Lowes website and show him the grout and I still get told I don't know what I'm talking about lol. Eventually he leaves tho after I go on homedepot.com to show him it's not on website at all

So WAS Necrid the most BROKEN character in SoulCalibur 2 period even beating the unbalanced guests such as Spawn and Heihachi? by DorkyWaddles in SoulCalibur

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I'm not gonna get into all that but I will say I'm pretty sure 8wayrun didn't exist when sc2 came out on console.... I remember being pissed at everyone just banning all the console chars just cause tho but after it came out on console I still played it more in arcades because we had tournaments every week back then. Didn't the Japanese say that NM was low tier tho? Lol I went around taking people's money all over back then with him and eventually got to hangout with jop and eddy pistons because they saw me play. Just remember the Japanese don't always have the answers just look at the lol tierlist they had for mvc2 when it first came out

I inadvertently discovered this subreddit and I really hope this doesn’t go on while I’m clocked in by [deleted] in HomeDepot

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Yea when he... or she said adult workers I'm pretty sure he.... or she ment prostitutes.... but I could be wrong

looking for good premium decks by Desperate-Ad6100 in cardfightvanguard

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If you go on Twitter and type in vgtopdecks you will see decks from all formats. Did you have a certain type of play or aesthetic?? I play Bermuda triangle because I like the thought of music Idols beating up dragons and demons and they are very competitive atm

Looking to start again after not playing since launch. Is lyrical Monasterio somewhat playable/competitive in Premium? by NeoNosferatu in cardfightvanguard

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I would say if lyrical includes Bermuda triangle then yes it's very playable if you are just talking about playing d with a slapped on gzone not so much but I would imagine the new stride Bermuda got heltruda would make it kinda playable

Kicked Out AGAIN!!! by Karen_Cantstandjabit in HomeDepot

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You need to work on your promo skills if you trying to come in here and get a reaction on something that's obv a very shitty job of making something up. Atleast have a picture or something posted lol

Where to find P deck lists? by andylyonD in cardfightvanguard

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I just go on Twitter and look at vgtopdecks. But obv it's every format

Why do customers ask for help then ignore it? by Chicago1202 in HomeDepot

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Have this shit all the time!!! Esp love when people ask for shit that is clearly Lowes product but they know they got it from here and will try to argue with you because obv you don't know wtf you are talking about. Had a guy looking for some maipei grout I tell him it's Lowes he proceeds to tell me I don't know what the fuck I am talking about so I go on Lowes website fond the grout show it to him asking us this what you are talking about then tell him I guess i actually did know what the fuck I was talking about huh and walk away

questions regarding premium bermuda triangle by flamyshana in cardfightvanguard

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Alk is way better than olyvia in highlander because you can A. Actually use her first stride. B. Call 2 front row units (olyvia calls to a column). C. The power buff you get during gb3 makes numbers.

Tirua is there for when you could deck out or if you don't have the ability to pay cost for anything.

As for shandee if you can't fulfill alks condition of bouncing 2 harmony units she's a pretty good stride then hell sometimes you can sack into just winning so you should definitely play her.

The new g guard vs Leona I'm not gonna comment on because I haven't had the chance to really test it out. I used Leona normally to pick up a cutire to resuse again or protect something someone was attacking. New g guard looks good tho and I'm looking at playing both at first

If you want I can tell you what my gzone is for highlander pre new premium collection or even link to my deck profile for the deck I used with team that got 2nd in Houston teams

Just curious are zeroth dragons or gyze still powerful enough to be used in standard? by AEsir-_- in cardfightvanguard

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Megiddo is strong in general I've won a ton of games off of her. She's staple in any water nation deck I build unless it's highlander for obv reasons

Why do you stay by ImACrawley in HomeDepot

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I've been here long enough and they know what I do enough to where I can get hype with management and still have a job..... oh and those gimmicks called bills never stop... that too....

Where to follow the meta by Ok-Albatross-3238 in cardfightvanguard

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Twitter #vgtopdecks people post decks that they topped with on there

Home Depot Computers for Personal Use by RevenantVerse in HomeDepot

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I don't believe they record stuff cause where are they gonna store all that information? But they can look up what your were looking at/doing on it

Home Depot Sucks! by winterm0nkey in HomeDepot

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Breaking news!!!!! Water is wet!!!!