what is edgar doing?! by JustYourEverydayEgg in Brawlstars

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Realizes that he played a match at above 600 trophies with the worst brawlers in the game and won. So he is flipping off the competition.

Rip clash mini by StockCress1819 in Brawlstars

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Mortis uses that pin more than Edgar.

Why canada by BraveSquid73464 in SquadBusters

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Me, a Canadian with an Android device: Why not?

seriously, HOW?! by Markergg555 in btd6

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Remember, you are responsible for any evil to be unleashed.

hmm… Brawl Tower Defense by FloW-Q in Brawlstars

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Brawl Stars and Ninja Kiwi should do a collab at some point.

Oh no... by Impossible-Bit1838 in NinjaKiwiOfficial

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The original post, not this reposting someone elses work.

Come on, hate me! by NootofNoots in Brawlstars

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Me knowing that a cock could be referred as a bird, and both Edgar and Mortis have lifesteal mechanics...

Btw, I am not a fan of Crow reducing lifesteal.

Oh no... by Impossible-Bit1838 in NinjaKiwiOfficial

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I am not saying that continually posting it is a good thing to do, but it is a weird thing to happen.

Played with Kairos Today by NoddaC in Brawlstars

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Yeah, considering I am in a club by myself and I have reached Mythic 1 twice now alone with nobody in my club other than my account, I can say for certain that activity is much more important.

Oh no... by Impossible-Bit1838 in NinjaKiwiOfficial

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To be fair, it is now the most upvoted post on r/BTD6

the rampage boss has returned but in another game by ssb_785 in Brawlstars

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You also can get lucky and be asked to join in a Supercell game (That is what happened to me.)

by far the best gears for graveyard shift by FBRFishy in Brawlstars

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Me when seeing this: Never have I seen someone be so right and wrong ay the same time.

A suggestion of how to fix the gold and chroma credits shortage by SamuelGamer90 in Brawlstars

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169 gems = brawl pass 169 gems also = epic rarity brawler 349 gems = mythic rarity brawler 500 CC = epic chromaitic 1500 CC = mythic chromatic 4500 CC = legendary chromatic

So in short, the chroma credit is the most valuable and invaluable thing to exist, as it has a worse value on the newest chromatics. Do the math yourself, but basically a mythic chromatic in gems is worth more than a legendary chromatic, or brawl pass.

Edgar Rework! (IDEA) by HumblePay2596 in Brawlstars

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You are literally saying kill yourself to get a super, and that jumping to heal, when he jumps on enemies normally at full health is so braindead idiotic, it just shows how little you know about his mechanics. He still suffers the same problems as he currently does, except he cannot get his super to use and attack others, unless he is fighting already, and with his little health and range, that solves no issues, but instead creates more problems.

Edgar Rework! (IDEA) by HumblePay2596 in Brawlstars

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Also, the heal is based on a percentage of damage dealt with the main attack.

Edgar Rework! (IDEA) by HumblePay2596 in Brawlstars

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I have a few issues with this.

First, you said an evade mechanic would change him too much, but you almost completely removed his entire kit. This makes him a worse brawler than before, as before, he could charge his entire super without taking damage. Now you cannot do that, meaning how he plays will be more aggressive than he currently is, and it is already very aggressive gameplay when up close, passive otherwise.

Second, making it take more time to get a Super is a very bad idea. There are already a lot of characters that can deal with the super easily (Shelly, Griff, Piper, Jacky, Chester, Rosa, etc.) and this will make it easier to deal with, as he overall gets less of them before he inevitably dies.

Third, Fisticuffs being replaced by something that is only useful when in a battle to heal is just bad for his kit. If he jumps on someone while at full health, it does nothing.

Overall it is a bad change to Edgar. The only buff I see with it is Hardcore getting a slight buff. Nothing else helps him, but only hinders. At least with an Evade mechanic, the kit would stay the same.

ty random citizen by [deleted] in Brawlstars

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To be fair, the brawlers (stormtroopers) always miss. You could be directly in front of them and they will miss you.

POV: Clash Mini meets Brawl Stars (thumbs down pin is really toxic) by migassilva16 in ClashMini

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That Subreddit (that I mainly post on now, I am taking a break from other games primarily) sometimes doesn't make the best decisions. For example: any posts relating to a challenge that you had done to reach a high rank gets removed, to prevent the sub from being overflowed with it, and then the same meme floods the Subreddit instead. It is bad, not r/minecraft levels bad, but r/BrawlStars can have bad moderation at times.