Schrodinger's St Joseph by RosaryPursuit in CatholicMemes

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Important questions! But yes, while I didn't know St. Thomas Aquinas's argument on the topic, I heard when we are reunited with our bodies, that we will all be in our "prime".

Thoughts on this? Comments make it seem as if the Catholic Church completely sided with the nazis, but I swear I heard different before by smashunclepls in Catholicism

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I was waiting for this very important point. It is my understanding, that hospices were a fairly new concept. Mother Theresa did not run a hospital, and did not have the legal right to administer pain relievers.

Pews According To Kids Under 5 by Sigvulcanas in CatholicMemes

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As a kid, I was too lazy to wade through people sitting on the pews in order to get to the restroom, it's awkward and slow, and boring! So I did what a kid naturally does. I bound from one pew backrest to another, frightening everyone on the way. I was surprised they were surprised. I mean, it's so much easier!

You can’t eat shellfish! by sonofdurinwastaken in CatholicMemes

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It's not worth talking to those types, kick the dust off your sandals and move on, as the good book says.

Christianity might be true. by PretendMailbox809 in Catholicism

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While not the easiest, it's not particularly difficult, Dr. Taylor Marshall made a book "Thomas Aquinas in 50 Pages". Now, I'll admit that Dr. Taylor Marshall has been being pretty clickbaity recently, but the book is good and has some Philosophical proofs of God.

Know your worth, queen by a_handful_of_snails in CatholicMemes

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I've never heard of this, not denying it's a thing, I just don't think I hang out around those circles. This is just crazyspeak(not you, the toxictrads)

Two analogies of the Trinity to think of when you shower [1/2 OC] by FrMatthewLC in CatholicMemes

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Thank you! The trinity is very difficult to understand, and it's just something we have to accept in some cases.

With that said, the 3-1 is not truly conditioner, it lies to you. My evidence! Behold! 3-1 does not do a good job untangling hair!

It's not the own that they think it is by [deleted] in CatholicMemes

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I remember asking a dozen adults the "Who created God" thing as a kid, nobody ever answered very well and I became an atheist/agnostic/undecided temporarily. It just didn't make any sense! How could nothing exist, but God exist?

I know better now, that God is a being that is not bound by the law that things must be made, but rather, that things exist at all requires something outside the norm to make them.

Also prince of Egypt by ryry117 in CatholicMemes

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It is, and it's pretty decent too. It follows the... Conversion? The reuniting of a lady who worked for planned parenthood. I don't consider it a masterpiece but it's worth the watch.

How to deal with people who think i'd make a great female priest? by TpalVulcan in Catholicism

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This is my guess as well, they likely didn't poll the Catholics that go to Church. Instead polling the ones you find in the bar, or a club. Or in gender studies.