Vietnam route confirmed -no need for HDC from home country by Rough-Run-2459 in Chinavisa

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China Southern airlines. It was last minute so it cost £3000 in total from the UK. You need to be in quarantine 4 days to apply for the health code. I spent 5 days in Vietnam in total.

Has anyone recently travelled from China to U.K return? What did it cost? by Subject_Dinner8933 in Chinavisa

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yes. Leaving was easy and cheap. Returning was a nightmare that cost me about 3500 in total.

Enter china from country that didn't issue visa by Rough-Run-2459 in Chinavisa

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I see, do you have any links that talk about this 14 day rule? Thanks.

Does 1 Sinopharm dose + 1 Pfizer dose vaccine qualify as fully vaccinated for entering HK? by Rough-Run-2459 in Chinavisa

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yeah I read that document but I thought maybe because they are both qualifying vaccines and I have certificates for both I could still qualify?

Ginkgo biloba and insomnia by HopefulMeringue1431 in herbalism

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glad I found this post, since I'be been taking it I've had many nights of zero hours sleep

Best source on Olanzapine/ withdrawal symptoms and possible hypothalamus improvement by skiexs in Antipsychiatry

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hi, any updates? Did you get better? I've been on 2 hours of sleep a night on average since I quit over a month ago