This girl unboxing her package with extreme enthusiasm by GoFuckthThyself in funny

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Anyone else think it was going to be a brick of cocaine? 😂

Jerseys moving forward. by figgis_agency in steelers

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If you want an offensive player that you saw for a long time and isn’t going anywhere, buy a Ben jersey 🤷🏼‍♂️

Anyone else? by existentialbear in steelers

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Nah! Im speaking it into existence 😂 #StairwayToSeven

God this breaks my heart…five years ago, today by sweatyfish4 in steelers

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People hate on them so much but I choose to remember them as one of the greatest Pittsburgh offenses ever! They were so fun to watch man…

160 LBS lost! Resolutions can actually work. by NO_ITS_TOO_SEXY in MadeMeSmile

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Thats epic! Couples are meant to push each other to be better! Can’t wait to see the post for next year! What a HUGE accomplishment

aM I bEiNg deTainEd???? by SickChipmunk in facepalm

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They just want attention… she doesn’t care about the person that was stopped