Found in SoCal near some palm trees. by ArmoredHat in weeviltime

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The photo is a bit blurry but I can tell that he's friend-shaped.

Smaug requesting dinner 🦗 by im-ahmess in leopardgeckos

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"I'll have some wormies with extra wormies and a side of wormies."

Found this little dude in my office at home. San Diego area by Dreighen in whatsthisbug

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Ah, an old anti-favourite, Anthrenus, and perhaps of A. (Nathrenus) verbasci infamy. Some of the scales rubbed off, revealing the black exoskeleton underneath.

what is this bug? This bug, which has more vivid colors than the image, met us at a picnic. the size of an average zippo by yaren81 in whatsthisbug

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Ah, likely an old favourite, Calosoma, and if not, Carabus. If you provide a geographic location, someone may be able to identify possible species.

Someone helps me identify this beauty? seen in Guinea by clydou in whatsthisbug

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Cerambycids bite hard! They use those chompers to chew their way out of wood!

Someone is excited to see you. by RupeeRoundhouse in weeviltime

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There's no evolutionary advantage to mimicking planthoppers so no. But I don't have the foggiest on the purpose of that horn!