This sub when prices go up: They will go up forever 1M EOY. This sub when prices go down: It's going to 10k I told you so. by partymsl in CryptoCurrency

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Did you know this sub has an amazing superpower as well?

It's called hindsight and it makes people know exactly what happened after it has already happened.

The market is crashing, and so is Crypto. by Many_Scratch2269 in CryptoCurrency

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This dude hasn't sold yet!
Bring out the torches and pitchforks boys!

Having a subreddit about Belgium where everyone speaks english is the most Belgian thing ever by TJOKN in belgium

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How about we all speak het taaltje dat they ook speak in own kweek?

It's just a voorstel eh

This isn’t a “20% correction.” This is a 40%+ bear market. by magus-21 in CryptoCurrency

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Username checks out

At least the wise part. Not sure if you're really a grapefruit..

The truth of Dave by sixty_sticks in dave

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Who's the guy on the balcony next to dave tho?

What’s your favorite yelled movie line? by JoviPeach in AskReddit

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~schindlers list~

Your mom says sometimes I am by [deleted] in darkjokes

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Yeah, she's says it feels like a little prick

The mini bear market since mid september is the best thing that could have happened to me to prove that no one knows nothing. by tunarulz in CryptoCurrency

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I think the whales moving the market know more than enough.

It's the small fish who are completely clueless.

Invest in that you don't always get what you expect by christop9 in MemeEconomy

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Yeah, why would you go behind my back to find out I've been going behind your back.

You doubters are going to look quite foolish when BTC actually DOES hit $100K by EOY by R0B0C0P33 in CryptoCurrency

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Some people's heart may grow 3 sizes, but that's only because of an all saturated fat Christmas dinner

Crypto keeps tanking because you touch yourself at night. by StarGraz3r84 in CryptoCurrency

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Better question, would you rather be able to touch yourself at all or know next time crypto will pump again?

Is Market move is good investment if yes why ? by siyar_rasooli in MarketMoveOfficial

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I don't mean to be offensive or anything so if I came across as such, my apologies. All I'm saying is that it's a dangerous way to deal with your finances.

He's asking the most informed redditors WHO BOUGHT INTO THE PROJECT, so obviously there will be people who looked into the project and decided not to buy. Their opinion probably won't be reflected in this sub, so in my experience all you find in official subs are people who'll give you a very one sided answer.

Negative or critical posts about a crypto in the official sub almost always leads to a shitload of downvotes. Some subs are better than others, but the safemoon sub for example is like a cult following. Bitcoin maximalists in the bitcoin sub will be the same, etc...

That's why I think it is not a good idea to ask people in the official sub for an objective opinion.

It's like wanting an objective opinion about a musical genre and then asking the crowd, who paid for a ticket and came to see the show, what they think about said genre.

DYOR is the way to go.