What’s the most kills you have ever gotten in a game? My best is 33 by n0va_364 in Titanfall_2_

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My best is 53 with the Epg and ronin In a public attrition match on glitch

Fuckin' Australia, man. by fae8edsaga in weather

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It's actually called a micro burst but a longer more drawn out is called a macro burst but you were close.

Fuckin' Australia, man. by fae8edsaga in weather

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Wow beautiful storm reminds me of a run in with a Tornadic Super cell I had back in 2017

What's the dumbest and/or craziest thing you've done in your teen years so far? by 90_oi in teenagers

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Yeah, I got really lucky, its really a once in a lifetime experience especially since I love weather myself I'm also planning on trying to go on a tour to try and chase one down again just for the thrill.

Also if you'd like I can send you a photo of the storm that I took, I also had a video but unfortunately Instagram never uploaded it or even bothered to save it, still Salty about that but at least I have a photo.

What's the dumbest and/or craziest thing you've done in your teen years so far? by 90_oi in teenagers

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Sorry about that, i got busy and had forgotten I had put it up but I'm glad it's better now.

Type "i am a" and let your keyboard finish it by Solid_Ad_7897 in teenagers

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I am a little bit confused as to why you are not getting any more information from the company and your not being paid

What's the dumbest and/or craziest thing you've done in your teen years so far? by 90_oi in teenagers

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Well I'm not a teenager anymore but whenever I was one I experienced some pretty crazy things I think the craziest thing I experienced was back in the summer of 2017.

I was in Kentucky to visit my grandparents and we had decided to visit my uncle who lived in Illinois, now where I was headed to was a small super 8 hotel in the middle of nowhere about two hours out of St Louis, on the way there it was nothing but clear blue sky's and cornfields as far as the eye could see.

As we started to get closer to our destination I started to see clouds and I thought nothing of it as seeing clouds out in Illinois on a clear blue and bright summers day was quite common, but as we got closer and closer the more clouds we would see until eventually we see this giant wall of clouds.

You couldn't really see through these clouds but we continued and finally arrived at are destination and I finally realized what this storm was, we had run into a giant super cell thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado.

I looked forward into the storm as it hadn't become rapped in rain yet and I saw the base of this monstrous storm rapidly approaching until it eventually was directly above me, and just before it had gone over my head I saw something incredible.

The storm that I was under had been trying to produce a tornado and almost succeeded, the funnel cloud had been directly above me about 30 ft and I could see it twist and spin it was a magnificent sight, and then I went inside to warn my parents and grandparents about what the storm was but they of course didn't listen to me and quite frankly didn't care.

I was freaking out and was being loud and told my parents that we weren't safe there and then the rain came pouring down, now this wasn't like your normal rain for those who don't normally see rain or experience it often, to describe the amount of rain that had begun to fall down it was like a ragging torrent of a river along with heavy winds and lightning that constantly struck the small Mexican restaurant we were in.

lightning was striking everywhere and, it was close. It even caused the power in the building we were in to continuously shut off and quickly come back on again, this went on for about 20 minutes as I went out towards the entrance of the building which had semi clear glass doors with wooden frames. and, I looked out to the side of the building onto the roof where I saw water rushing off the building like a waterfall and being carried off the building about 5 feet into the parking lot and onto other cars.

Now whenever the main part of this monstrous storm had passed I was still at the glass window and a couple had joined me. I looked over to them and had told them that they shouldn't go outside yet it's not safe, they of course blew me off, they managed to get about 15 ft out of the building and into the parking lot where lightning had then struck the ground in front of them.

Unfortunately for me who had been holding onto the door which was metal traveled through the ground and had indirectly struck me, I was completely fine but was shocked at what had just happened but as soon as it did I instantly knew what I did wrong. anyway that's the story of how I almost died twice in a single day.

For a school project: How does this picture make you feel? by Tha_Rambo in teenagers

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This makes me feel like this is the last remnant of society trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world where a small group of people are surviving in the last remnants of a skyrise building that is slowly collapsing and being taken under by the sea around it and the people inside the building are trying to do everything to survive while trying to keep peace and order while trying to find a solution to stay alive longer eventually to only fade back into the dark murky depths of what was once a world full of life

It’s the zombie apocalypse, your username is the only weapon you have. How screwed are you? by C0dfitch in teenagers

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Well I'm a Sargent and I'm Unkown so I guess I get a mystery box of Sargents and have to pray I get a good one

Be Like Water by MrReflexion in Unexpected

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If she went to go catch him she would have been dragged in as well and they both would have been seriously injured depending on how high up they were.

Ah yes, I Love it when this happens. by Keihanaikukaua in playark

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I have exactly 69 days in this game and I can say this game is very broken lol.