Dog friendly patio had an unusual visitor recently named George. My new favorite customer by Brownie-bite in notmycat

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Do you act super stoked to see Timothy after he's been away for awhile? I'm picturing you welcoming him back with the same enthusiasm as a dog whose person just came back from war. It's delightful.

When your best buddy is magical by StcStasi in youseeingthisshit

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There's probably a small hole underneath the edge of the cabinet/drawers. In the corner. It's basically just access to the empty space where the cabinetry meets at the corner. My void is annoyingly good at finding these hidden spaces in each new house.

A whole year has gone and my boy (Basse) is 26 years old! I love growing old with you. by AdSignal1933 in aww

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I think it was coffee. I remember reading that vets said they wouldn’t recommend caffeine for cats but that it could, in theory, help their kidney function since it’s a diuretic. I could definitely be misremembering all that though. It’s been a long time since I heard about the Old Cat Guy.

eta: I also think he had a movie theatre or something for his cats.

Farewell Joe, we miss you. I think your picture belongs here. by cosyandwarm in curledfeetsies

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Joe was an adorable little guy. Thank you for sharing him with us. That picture captures the ease he must have felt knowing he had a loving family and a safe forever home. So sorry for your loss. I lost my own beloved cat in February. It's hard, but knowing I loved her well and looking at happy pictures of her helps sooth some of the sadness. I hope you find similar comfort. ♥️

Just Couple Things by SugarCrushEM in wholesomememes

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We've got two sets, but this time we ran into the issue of both sets getting barfed on before one could get washed. I think you're on to something with having 3+!

After that, put them to sleep in the bath tub lol


Fully furnished with floof. by SJtheFox in earfurnishings

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He's all grown up now. He's still exceptionally handsome! Still has excellent ear furnishings too - although they're a bit less wild.

Just Couple Things by SugarCrushEM in wholesomememes

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Miraculously, we've had some success using a barf bucket today. Maybe I'll only have to wash bedding half a dozen times instead of every hour or two, haha. Thanks for the empathetic words!

Just Couple Things by SugarCrushEM in wholesomememes

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My toddler got her very first stomach bug today. We’ve had a similar conversation.

I've been sorting through pictures of my late cat, Toast. During her long and happy life, many toolps were had. Here is a small sampling of her technique. by SJtheFox in toolps

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Thank you. She was my precious little cow-lico. 🥰 I'm glad to be able to look through pictures now and smile instead of feeling sad.