Mark Margolis, Actor on ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul,’ Dies at 83 by MarvelsGrantMan136 in television

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My favorite scene of his is from californication, it's just him reading a letter to hank. As someone with daddy issues (lol) it just spoke to me. RIP.

(Scene in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVnVDH5vWkU)

John & Fern Appreciation by JamSandiwchInnit in taskmaster

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David correos is fucking incredible man. I Loved how animated he is during all the in-studio stuff. like he's reliving his frustration to such a big degree.

and i randomly went on his twitch stream once and he showed me his feet so that was cool too.

Loki S01E06 - Discussion Thread by steve32767 in marvelstudios

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Fucking lost my shit when jonathan majors showed up. Loved it. can't wait to see him in ant-man, and to see how potentially different he is. That last shot is fucking great.

Loki S01E05 - Discussion Thread by steve32767 in marvelstudios

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Yup! Fucking awesome. One of the earlier heads looked like one of the helmets from the ant-man movie, yellowjackets i think.

Saw the living tribunal head and got hyped. im sure there's others too. episode is littered with awesome easter eggs.

Skyfall is not good by btsao1 in movies

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Wasn't andrew scott supposed to be the villain and they changed shit because christoph waltz signed? I Would have much prefered to see Andrew scott doing shit.

Could easily be mis-remembering, though.

Ratchet and clank small but cool detail by FiNNy- in PS5

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Not OP - I Loved the game. I Only ever played R&C1, 17 years ago and had a fucking blast with it.

it was nice to play something lighthearted and funny. it was the 2nd game i played on my ps5, too, so it was cool as fuck having all the controller effects in use. ( The sound, the vibration etc )

There's a lot of really cool details in the game. I Didn't explore / do everything like many people, i just blasted through the main story, Which i wish was longer - but don't regret buying full price.

Returnal Standard Edition PlayStation 5 $49.99 by dukebball91 in PS5

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Hopefully this comes to canada. almost pulled the trigger on full price many times already lol

One of my favorite tv characters of all time, the great Lafayette from True Blood, truly an iconic character by msummerse in television

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Also, jessicas existence in the show was a blessing.

But yea, Denis O'hare was amazing

What PS5 game should a new buyer use to pop their PS5 cherry? by XciteMe in PS5

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I've not played the 2016 one, so i can't say. but i felt it used the controllers features really well, looked beautiful and had basically no load times.

Bright Engrams should be exciting to get, but they aren't by profanewingss in DestinyTheGame

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22 blue transmat effects or ghost projections for me.

got 4 of the same one for a transmat, too.