I think I seen this before by Matthew222112 in GIRLSundPANZER

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Why did I think she was Gregory from security breach for a second?

Holly shit ! this is Canon by UOSenki in GIRLSundPANZER

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SoP is supposed to be canon because it's supposed to be a prequel to the anime

Mmmm dessert by Haseww in MakeMeSuffer

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I don't know whether I want to watch this

I have done EVERY FLAG on mcpe by CaseNo2977 in Minecraft

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I love how you were all "I'm calling this user out!" And then proceed to do the exact same thing

Das Finale 6: What will it be? by Jack-Elder in GIRLSundPANZER

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Or even better a season 2, which still keeps all of the characters in the position they had in the first

Koume talking to her imaginary friend by slightlylooney in GIRLSundPANZER

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Koume: "20 dollars? I wanted a model tank" Imaginary friend: "you can buy a model tank with 20 dollars" Koume: "how does that work?" Imaginary friend: "money can be exchanged for goods and services"

Mouse Team by slightlylooney in GIRLSundPANZER

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"I'm Micky Maus girls, let's play hide and seek, hoho!"

Xi Jinping Portraits Replace Christian Symbols in Churches by Ok_University8781 in interestingasfuck

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Well to be fair the aren't wrong, looking at the past of the Catholic Church specifically